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Commissioners to lend hand on Habitat Day
County Commissioner Blaine Wilcher is encouraging elected officials to join him May 20 to work on the latest Habitat for Humanity House under construction. Pictured is work on a previous Habitat home.

For the third year, County Commissioner Blaine Wilcher is encouraging all elected officials in Warren County to spend a day lending a helping hand to Habitat for Humanity.
“This year’s Habitat Day for elected officials is May 20,” said Wilcher during a County Commission meeting. “I hope to see everyone there. We had a few come out last year and we’re hoping for even more this year.”
Commissioner Gary Prater is donating a BBQ lunch for the volunteers.
“This is not political,” said Wilcher. “This is an opportunity to do something positive with a lasting effect. I plan on having a crew of Republicans, Democrats, independents, friends, and relatives working together.”
Wilcher has been volunteering with Warren County Habitat for Humanity since 2014.
McMinnville Mayor Jimmy Haley has already agreed to help, urging other elected officials to do the same during last week’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting.
“I’ve already committed myself,” said Haley. “A couple other elected officials across the county have pledged. I worked last year. Several of y’all did. It’s a great event.”
Officials usually aren’t cutting boards, driving nails or laying asphalt shingles. Their day is usually dedicated to something a little less strenuous, such as setting appliances in place, hanging curtain rods, placing electrical covers, etc.
Habitat for Humanity is a 501(c)3 charity which puts to use the skills of volunteers to build homes for needy families. The homes are not free. Habitat homeowners must pay back the material cost of the home without interest over 20-25 years. Monthly payments are around $325, which includes payment against the principal, taxes, and home insurance.
For more information on Warren County Habitat for Humanity, visit or call 668-6166.