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Commissioners get new committee assignments

Warren County commissioners have received their new committee assignments, to the disapproval of some. 

The most influential committee, Budget and Finance, will now be chaired by Commissioner Scott Rubley. He will share the duties with Commissioners Randy England, Cole Taylor, Christy Ross and Tommy Savage. 

Commissioner Robert Hennessee objected to replacing Commissioners Richard Grissom, Carlene Brown and Daniel Owens, leaving only Ross and Savage from the previous Budget and Finance Committee structure. 

“Folks, I don’t know if you realize this or not,” Hennessee said. “One of the most important committees is Budget and Finance. There have been three people who have been progressive throughout this year that are no longer on Budget and Finance.”

A motion to accept Budget and Finance Committee nominations was presented by Wilcher and it passed 14-6. Commissioners England, Rubley, Taylor, Wilcher, Michael Bell, Carl D. Bouldin, Carl E. Bouldin, Steven Helton, Ron Lee, Gary Martin, Gary Prater, Tyrone Sparkman, Joseph Stotts and Phillip Stout voted in favor of it.

Commissioners Hennessee, Brown, Owens, Savage, Deborah Evans and Steve Glenn voted against it. Commissioners Grissom, Ross and David Dunlap declined to vote. 

Commissioner Lori Judkins was absent. 

With confirmation of that committee, those members voted Rubley as chairman. 

Rounding out other standing committee assignments: 

Highway and Bridge Committee: Prater, chair, Bell, Taylor, England and Wilcher.

Corrections Partnership Committee: Helton, chair, Carl D. Bouldin, Glenn, Carl E. Bouldin and Stotts.

Policy and Personnel Committee: Savage, chair, Glenn, Helton, Lee and Sparkman.

Health and Welfare: Wilcher, chair, Dunlap, Evans, Judkins and Stotts.

Education Committee: Brown, chair, Dunlap, Evans, Hennessee and Stout. 

Economic and Agriculture Department: Martin, chair, Bell, Carl D. Bouldin, Lee and Savage.

Building and Grounds: Carl E. Bouldin, chair, Hennessee, Grissom, Stout and Taylor.

Safety and Beer Board: Lee, chair, Owens, Prater, Ross and England. 

Legislative Committee: Brown, chair, Stotts, D. Bouldin, Hennessee and Owens.

Redistricting: England, chair, Sparkman, Stout and Judkins.

The county’s Financial Management Committee is set by state statue. Commissioners are allowed to appoint four to the seven-member committee to join standing members county executive (Jimmy Haley), Road Superintendent (Levie Glenn) and Director of Schools (Bobby Cox). 

Wilcher suggested Martin, Rubley, Sparkman and Grissom. Commissioners nominated and appointed Martin, Rubley, Grissom and Owens.

Nomination of Rubley as Chairman Pro Tempore and Stotts as Parliamentarian by Wilcher were unanimously approved by the commission. 

Wilcher started the process by stating he sought guidance on correct procedure for standing committee appointments from Charles Curtiss.