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Commissioners disagree on funds
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Taking funds from debt service to fund operations in the upcoming fiscal year is receiving opposition from some Warren County commissioners.
The county Safety Committee meet Monday and considered a change to the number of new jailers the Sheriff’s Department would be receiving in the upcoming fiscal year budget. Committee members approved six. However, when the item was sent to the Budget and Finance Committee for its consideration, members reduced it to four jailers
 “We have to amend the resolution for the Sheriff’s Department where we had approved six new jailers. They are going to be able to get four. We’ve got to amend it for that,” said Commissioner Teddy Boyd, chair, to members Carl D. Bouldin, Randy England, Ron Lee and Charles Morgan.
The Budget and Finance Committee also voted to remove 1 cent from debt service, adding that to the financial savings on new jailers and purchase the Sheriff’s Department new vehicles outright – removing the need to borrow $140,000 for the department’s new vehicles.
Morgan voiced disproval for taking money from debt service.
“They are getting four and robbing 1 cent out of debt service so I won’t be voting for it,” said Morgan.
The proposed budget also includes removing 6 cents from debt service, approximately $391,000, to pay architectural services for the $7.5 million Warren County Jail expansion project.
Bouldin stated, “This motion has nothing to do with where the money is coming from, right?”
“No, it doesn’t,” said Boyd.
England made a motion to reduce the number from six to four and present it to the full Warren County Commission in August. The measure passed 3-2. Boyd, Bouldin and England voted in favor, while Lee and Morgan voted against.