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Commission votes on grant allocations
Scott Rubley.jpg
Scott Rubley addresses fellow members of the Warren County Commission on Monday night. - photo by Bethany Porter

The Warren County Commission unanimously voted in favor of appropriating the remaining Governor’s Grant funds for metal awnings, a paving project, partial allocation for carpet at the courthouse, and power load systems for EMS.

The remaining Governor’s Grant funds have to be spent on projects that can be finished by June 30. 

The county’s Budget and Finance Committee and Financial Management Committee met earlier this month to discuss the projects in which to spend the money. 

They came up with spending $12,000 for four metal awnings for the Warren County Administrative Offices, $132,107 for paving at Warren County Administrative Offices, partial allocation of $1,391 for new carpet at the courthouse, and $135,653 for eight new power load systems for EMS. 

The full Warren County Commission voted to approve the budget amendment.

If any of those projects should fall through for any reason, the county Health and Welfare Committee has voted its desire to buy a new kennel for Animal Control as a standby if needed.

“What this entails is the balance of the Governor’s money,” said Commissioner Scott Rubley. “We had to have this spent by deadline in June. These were requests made from departments concerning things that they needed. One of the more important ones was the $135,000 for the load systems for EMS. They are pretty dated and are starting to cause some problems. The $2,262 that you see there that says truck purchases, that is the balance of the money left over after we purchase the trucks for Greg and the maintenance department and that was applied back to these. It passed Budget and Finance and Financial Management unanimously and I so move.”

All 23 commissioners in attendance voted yes. Commissioner Deborah Evans was absent.