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Colonel remembers fallen war heroes
Col. Wayne Steele addresses the crowd gathered Monday morning for the Memorial Day remembrance at the airport.

The mournful sound of “Taps” rose from Warren County Memorial Airport on Monday morning following a 21-gun salute fired in memory of Warren County’s fallen servicemen who have given their lives in the name of freedom.
“I say remembrance rather than ceremony,” said retired United States Marine Corps Col. Wayne Steele in his keynote address to the nearly 100 people on hand for the annual event. “Because that’s what it is, a remembrance, to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.”
Steele said the bravery dates back to the Revolutionary War and the Civil War and continues today.
“Millions of Americans have fought and died for our country, both on our own soil and around the world,” the colonel said. “Their courage and dedication deserves our respect and proud thanks.”
The combat veteran said those who have fallen in battle deserve recognition and should never be forgotten.
“We are here today not to express sorry over their loss – those proud men and women who have given their all,” Steele noted. “We are here today to honor their sacrifice and praise them for serving.”
Without the sacrifice of those who were willing to pay the ultimate price, the colonel said we would not enjoy the freedoms we have today.
“The liberties we enjoy today are a direct result of their sacrifice,” he said. “The legacy of those who have fought from Valley Forge to our current conflicts around the world, the great men and women of our armed forces have given their all and are still doing so today.”
McMinnville Mayor Jimmy Haley read the names of Warren County’s 131 war dead along with County Executive Herschel Wells. The mayor noted there is a history of sacrifice when it comes to America, relaying a quote from former President John F. Kennedy.”
“He had a quote that best sums up what America stands for and what these men gave their lives for,” Haley said after reading the names. “The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it.”
Video highlights from the Memorial Day observance can be watched by going to the multimedia section of this website. Videos are free to all viewers.