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Closet beatdown brings charges for Elkins
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A man faces felony assault charges after he pummeled a man he found hiding in his ex-girlfriend’s closet.
The suspect, Merek Matthew Elkins, 26, has been bound to the grand jury on charges of aggravated assault and assault. He must also serve the balance of his former sentence for violation of probation on his prior conviction this past July for reckless endangerment for drunk driving with his 1-year-old son in his car.
Police say Elkins arrived at the home of his estranged girlfriend and found a man inside this past October.
“He discovered Roman Couillard hiding in a closet,” said McMinnville police detective Stuart Whitman, noting he attacked the victim causing serious injuries. “He hit him multiple times with his fist, leaving him with two swollen eyes, cuts and a broken nose. He said he lost consciousness during the assault.”
The victim was taken to Saint Thomas River Park Hospital for treatment. Elkins reportedly confessed to the assault.
The incident was not the last as two months later Elkins again showed his violent side, this time assaulting a woman who had permitted him to stay at her house for the night.
The assault happened when the woman asked him to calm down while he was playing with her children. He reportedly called her a name, prompting her to ask him to leave her house. That is when she says he flew into a rage and grabbed her by the throat.
“He grabbed a beer bottle and hit her across the right side of her face and grabbed her hair, slamming her head into the front window,” the warrant reads, noting the woman suffered cuts when she fell onto her front porch and onto the broken glass from her front window.