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Classic game gets local twist
A game celebrating the Nursery Capital of the World has been released by Late for the Sky Production Company. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

Looking for fun family game night ideas? Then it’s time to roll the dice and see who can dominate the real estate market in McMinnville.

McMinnville-Opoly is available at Walmart. The games are made in Cincinnati, Ohio by Late for the Sky Production Company. It showcases favorite landmarks and some well-known parts of McMinnville. 

“I did see them in the store and thought about buying one,” said Mayor Ben Newman. “Now I need one. I loved playing Monopoly growing up. Looks like my kids will be playing McMinnville-Opoly as they grow up.” 

Similar to Hasbro’s Monopoly, players roll the dice and make their way around the board grabbing up properties in an effort to remain financially solvent while forcing opponents into bankruptcy by buying and developing pieces of property.

Among the 28 properties are Downtown McMinnville, Farmers Market, Warren County A&L Fair, Water Tower, Depot Bottom Store, Collin River BBQ, Cumberland Biscuit Company, McMinnville Civic Center, Park Theater, Heritage Alliance Center, Riverfront Park, Ramsey Park, Bridge Street and Main Street.

“We research several cities and communities around Tennessee to make a very localized game about a specific area,” said Bill Schulte, one of the owners of Late for the Sky. “We always make sure the locals love their town before we take on a project. We try to make the content as authentic as possible. So, we are reaching as many people as we can.”

McMinnville, the board game, has “Big Fun” and “Contingency” cards replacing Chance and Community Chest. Draw a card and find the references to McMinnville such as “You ate too many Tiffy burgers from the Depot Bottom Country Store!” so lose one turn to recover, “You are crowned Miss McMinnville collect $100,” and “Walk your dog, advance to Ramsey Park.”

One card “You’ve been elected mayor” could be Newman’s favorite. When drawn, that person must pay money to each player. 

“Pay $20 to every person who voted for you,” said Newman, laughing. “Now that would get you in trouble.” 

McMinnville-Opoly is available exclusively at Walmart.