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Civic Center to get second racquetball court in renovation
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The addition of a second racquetball court in McMinnville Civic Center renovation has been approved.

McMinnville officials requested HFR Design and Sain Construction Company to generate the cost to add a second racquetball court to the project. The original renovation plans called for two, but one was removed and a conference room added.

HFR representative Steve Griffin presented to members of the city Civic Center Ad Hoc Committee that the cost to turn that space back into a racquetball court is $60,288. The committee was established to review change order requests.

“That came in under what we thought it would,” said Mayor Ben Newman. “That’s great.” 

Griffin replied, “I think this is a good price.”

Newman and Aldermen Steve Harvey and Kate Alsbrook unanimously voted to recommend the change to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. They also agreed to suspend proper procedure and present the measure to board members later that same evening. 

“I think they are at the stage where they are ready to get this done,” said Newman. “I don’t want to impede their progress, if they need to get in there and do something with that room.”

A written policy from 2013 prevents items from being heard in committee and considered by the board that same night. There are exceptions, such as in the case of emergencies. The next regular scheduled meeting of the board is Aug. 13, a 21-day span between committee approval and board consideration. 

City attorney Tim Pirtle said the city could suspend its procedural rules if a delay would result in extra expense or damages due to the city impeding construction progress. 

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen voted 4-1 to approve the change order and include a second racquetball court. Voting in favor were Newman, Harvey, Alsbrook and Vice Mayor Ryle Chastain, while Alderman Mike Neal voted against it. Aldermen Everett Brock and Rachel Kirby were absent.