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Civic Center fees lowered for children
fee reduction4.jpg
The admission fee into the Civic Center is being reduced for children. For ages 6-18, daily admission is going from $3 to $2. Monthly, six month and yearly memberships have also been reduced. Pictured are Grayson Garner, left, and Joseph Rader. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

Being young has an added benefit.

The cost for children to use the amenities at the McMinnville Civic Center has been reduced. For ages 6-18, daily admission is now $2. Also changed: monthly membership is now $15, six-month membership $70, and one-year membership is $130.

McMinnville Parks and Recreation assistant director Justin Scott made the recommendation to reduce before members of the city’s Parks and Recreation Committee on Tuesday night.

“Scott McCord and I spoke and it’s our recommendation that we lower our fee for youth, ages 6-18,” said Scott. “It’s currently $3 and we are asking for it to be lowered to $2. We believe that it will increase our numbers. Parents will bring their children because it will be less expensive.’

The facility began offering $2 Tuesdays, a special price for anyone visiting the facility on that day, in December 2014.

Scott says $2 Tuesdays prompted this request due to the number of children visiting the facility on those days.

“We actually had a gym full of kids today playing basketball,” said Scott. “Today was a $2 Tuesday day. Believe it or not, $2 makes a big difference. We think this reduction, even though it’s only $1, will increase attendance by students and their parents. We believe if there is any loss in revenue it would be negligible and the benefits would outweigh the losses. Parents will bring their children and we can showcase our classes. We are also recommending that this also change the youth membership pass.”
Youth membership was $20 a month, $100 for six months, and $180 for a year.

“We don’t sell a whole lot of youth six month and yearly passes,” said Scott. “We do sell a lot a lot of monthly youth passes.”

Members approved the youth fee reductions with instructions that staff watch attendance numbers and report back to committee.

The change went into effect on Thursday, Oct. 11.