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City won't clean up after contractors
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McMinnville Public Works will pick up limbs and trees cut by the homeowner, but brush cut by private contractors is supposed to be removed by the contractor, not the city.

Contractors working for property owners within the city limits cannot rely on McMinnville Public Works to haul off materials resulting from their projects.

During Tuesday night’s meeting of the city Streets and Sanitation Committee, city Public Works Department director Frank Southard said the department has had ongoing issues with workers leaving refuse by the street for the department to pick up and he suggested adding a definition to Municipal Code that might help clarify when homeowners can and cannot depend on city services to haul off items. 

“Contractors making home improvements are pretty good about disposing of the refuse properly,” said Southard. “They have to get a permit. When they get that permit, they are informed of the city’s code.  Every once in a while, we still have one that will put items beside the street for us to pick up. The tree service is the main issue.”

If a homeowner performs the limb or tree removal work themselves, the city will pick up the debris left beside the street. However, if the homeowner has someone else perform the work, the city will not pick it up. 

“It’s the contractor’s responsibility to haul off any refuse from the work they are performing for the homeowner,” said Southard. “We don’t pick up from contractors and that’s what I’m trying to make a little clearer within the code. If a contractor is cutting it for them, they need to have the contractor haul it off.” 

Adding a definition for “contractor” was the only request made by Southard.

Streets and Sanitation Committee members unanimously approved adding a definition for “contractor” to the city’s Municipal Code. Board of Mayor and Aldermen approval is required.