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City studies $15.2M phase three estimate
Brock, Everett.jpg
Brock, Everett

An estimate of $15.2 million to complete phase three of the Downtown Economic Revitalization Project is under scrutiny. 

The city Finance Committee met to review an estimate given for phase three, a project to complete revitalization of the driving loop in downtown McMinnville. 

Chairman Alderman Everett Brock called the meeting.

“I had Nolan (Ming, city administrator) get me some numbers,” said Brock. “Ones that went from College Street to Lind Street, from Lind Street on around to Chancery, and then High Street.”

Brock called the numbers “revealing” once they were broken down. 

“Just doing the Morford Street part, they’ve got down a little over $5 million, but $750,000 of that is professional fees. Paving is over $500,000. Things that we can do add up to a couple million dollars. Also, we have a lot of money in the Water and Sewer Fund that could help us with the underground stuff.”

Mayor Ryle Chastain asked, “Wouldn’t the state do the paving?”

“Yes,” said Brock. “There are lots of things that they have in here that we can take out. They’ve got decorative sidewalks. It’s $200,000 or something like that. There are a lot of things we can pull out of here, if we can get the timing right. That’s the whole thing.”

Timing would be placing utilities underground just before the Tennessee Department of Transportation paves. TDOT plans to pave State Route 380 – locally known as Main and Sparta streets – in 2023. 

“I have informed them of this and they said they would work with us on it,” said Ming, of the city’s discussions regarding completion of phase three. “I need to keep them in the loop. If I were to tell them that we are going to move forward and here’s our timeframe, they would probably work with us on that.” 

Brock stated, “I think we could get this number down into the $4 million range depending on how much we wanted to do. Not $15 million.” 

He suggested financing. 

“If we finance the whole thing, and let’s say it’s $4 million or $5 million, at today’s rates you are talking about $300,000 or $350,000 a year in payments,” said Brock. “We’ve got that much rolling off in the next couple of years.” 

The Finance Committee meeting was discussion only. No decision was made regarding Downtown Economic Revitalization Project phase three.