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City ready to let paving begin
More city streets could be paved as early as May.

Several streets are under consideration for paving this year. The city Streets and Sanitation Committee met Tuesday to review two bids, with Tinsley Asphalt being the low bidder at $77 per ton over Rogers Group at $82 per ton.
Public Works assistant director Brad Hennessee presented the bids and offered his estimates on how much paving the city can accomplish with $150,500 that remains in the paving budget based on the lower bid and street footage.
“Three of the streets that are at the top of the paving list either have curb and gutter or sidewalks," said Hennessee. "You don’t have to mill up against curb and gutter, but you take those streets on a case-by-case basis. We will be doing that evaluation between now and then.”
Milling: College Street $3,961; Donnell Street $4,036; and Rebel Hill Street $8,885.
Paving: Jefferson Street $14,096; Rebel Hill Street $36,656; College Street $16,341; Donnell Street $16,651; Omni Drive $14,481; Sunnyside Heights $10,967; Parkview Drive $32,437.
Paving and milling are a combined $158,511.
The cost is above what the city has available to spend. However, Hennessee said the numbers are estimates and will vary from the actual cost.
“If our numbers are correct, the total exceeds the fund balance,” said Hennessee. “We will determine the accuracy of the estimates with Tinsley Asphalt. We’ll make any necessary adjustments to the list.”
If the actual cost comes in under $150,000, consideration will be made to adding a street to the list. Likewise, if the actual cost is over $150,000, consideration will be made to removing a street.
Tinsley Asphalt offered a May 1 start time for paving, if the city approves the bid.