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City may surrender Old Hobson Street
Hobson Street abandonment.jpg
When TDOT redesigned the intersection at Chancery and Hobson streets in 1976 for a widening project, a portion of Hobson Street was cut from the design. That section of street was later developed by James Walling who constructed a gas station/ convenience store called The Village. A Walling heir has asked city officials to officially abandon the street. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

McMinnville officials are considering a measure to abandon Old Hobson Street.

“The history is not complicated but it goes back a long time,” said city attorney Tim Pirtle. “Hobson Street used to be with Chancery and was a “Y” in the road. TDOT redesigned the area in 1976 and widened Chancery Street. The request from Ms. (Kimberly LeeAnn) Walling’s attorney is for the portion of the street that has not been used since that time by the public to be abandoned by the city.”

According to the attorney, Randall A. York, Walling is the heir to the previous owner of the property, James Walling.

“During Mr. Walling’s lifetime, a gas station (The Village) was erected and the pumps and canopy were constructed across the Old Hobson roadway,” said York. “There has been no traffic on the Old Hobson roadway since that time and it has been used exclusively for the purposes of the convenience store/ gas station that is currently existing. Mr. Walling died on March 7, 2015.”

The city’s Streets and Sanitation Committee met to review the request.

Pirtle said the city unofficially abandoned that portion of street in 1976 when it stopped providing maintenance and this measure would make abandonment official.

“You, in fact, abandoned that area in 1976,” said Pirtle. 

If the city walks away now, the area will revert back to the previous owner, or the current owner of record, and will once again become private property. 

Committee members sent the measure to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen for its consideration.