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City looks to liquidate two old firetrucks with new one coming
Pictured is McMinnville firetruck #5.

Two fire engines could be up for grabs when the city of McMinnville receives its new one. Interest in the fire engines has already been received by two volunteer fire departments.
McMinnville Fire Chief Kendall Mayfield has asked permission to liquidate the old – engines No. 5 and No. 6 – to make room for the new.
“I spoke with Kendall last week and it’s his understanding we are scheduled to receive that truck sometime in April and there’s nowhere to put it,” said Alderman Mike Neal during Tuesday’s Safety Committee meeting. “We had discussed what we need to do.”
The new quint, similar to the city’s Tower One but smaller, is being purchased from Pierce Manufacturing for $811,048. Plans are to house the new truck at Station Two.
Engine No. 6 is located at Fire Station Two. It had front-end damage, was repaired, and has been in use. Engine No. 5 is located at Fire Station One. It is also in useable condition.
City attorney Tim Pirtle says the city has liquidation options if consideration is given to providing the vehicles to volunteer departments.
“If the engines are finding a new home with another firefighting service, one of the other volunteer fire departments or whatever, the city is authorized to sell it at a reduced rate or even at no cost,” said Pirtle. “If it’s not going to another firefighting unit, then you can have appraisals and offer them for sale or post them on the government auction site.”
The discussion was tabled due to the absence of Mayfield.