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City to hold surplus sale
Photo by Michael Fousert on Unsplash

People who would love a piece of Park Theater history might get a chance to own vintage marquee letters.

McMinnville is holding a Surplus Furniture Yard Sale this coming Saturday, July 30 at the Blue Building from 7 a.m. to 12 noon. Among the items up for grabs will be approximately 200 plastic letters that were used to advertise Park Theater events decades ago.

City officials considered liquidating those items in 2018 at the request of former city administrator Bill Brock.

“We’ve had these for quite a while, ever since we purchased the Park Theater,” said Brock, who had one on exhibit. “This one is broken. Some of them are also warped. We have probably, I’m estimating, 200 or 250 letters. These went on the big marquee that was taken down. The letters now are about half this size on the marquee. These would not be useful letters for our existing marquee.”

Most of the letters are black and approximately 18 inches tall.

“I’d like for the board to declare these surplus and allow Park Theater to sell them at events,” said Brock. “These are sitting in buckets right now doing nothing.”

However, no steps were taken in that direction.

A complete list of items to be offered at the Surplus Furniture Yard Sale can be found on the city of McMinnville government Facebook page.