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City gets $630K grant for sewer system upgrades
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McMinnville Water and Sewer Department is off the hook for paying for $630,000 in sewer upgrades. 

The Department of Economic and Community Development announced Monday the city of McMinnville was awarded a Community Development Block Grant totaling $630,000 for a residential sewer service connection project. The city’s match is $80,000, which brings the total grant amount up to $710,000.

“Great news to start the week,” said city administrator Nolan Ming. 

The proposed project consists of the rehabilitation of approximately 5,500 linear feet of gravity sewer line in order to reduce infiltration/inflow into the city of McMinnville’s sewer system. Reaping the benefits will be 3,962 residential sewer connections and a total of 7,595 customers.

“We have our own closed-circuit TV equipment that we use to investigate and repair defective sewer lines, but we are unable to complete all the rehabilitation necessary in-house,” said Ming. “In addition to CCTV work, we monitor pump run-times to better understand the effects of rainfall in drainage basins, and have contracted with James C. Hailey & Company to perform flow monitoring within the sewer system in 2020.”

The city hopes to work closely with West Warren-Viola Utility District to utilize Focused Electrode Leak Location, an emerging technology, to pinpoint infiltration/ inflow and estimate the volume of it within the system. 

“These efforts allow us to narrow the length of rehabilitation to that which is most effective in reducing infiltration and inflow,” said Ming. “The data available will be reviewed by the city and James C. Hailey, and a plan will be created and competitively bid which will perform the majority of pipeline rehabilitation by pipe bursting.”

Community Development Block Grant funds cannot be released until a contract between the state and the city of McMinnville has been finalized. Board of Mayor and Aldermen approval will be required.