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City finishes street paving for this year
Street paving3.jpg
The city has finished paving in 2021 after paving nine streets this month.

Residents eagerly awaiting a second list of streets to be paved in the city of McMinnville in hopes their street will be on it may have a long wait.

“I know y’all wanted to pave more streets this fiscal year, but the fiscal year ends June 30 and we just don’t have the time,” said McMinnville Public Works Department director Frank Southard. “We’ll try to pave some this fall, but it will probably be spring 2022 before we can do more paving.” 

In April, Southard asked that he be allowed to spend $250,000 to pave nine streets – Anderson, Allen, Gribble, Worley, Gentry, Ridgecrest, Warren, Center and the end of Yankee Street – before the fiscal year ends June 30. 

However, because the Street Aid Budget had approximately $700,000, committee members approved spending up to $500,000.

Southard’s announcement was made Tuesday when the city Streets and Sanitation Committee met to review the department’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2021-22. 

“I’m requesting to carry $250,000 over into next year’s budget,” said Southard.

That request was granted, along with an additional $250,000, to bring the total street paving budget next fiscal year to $500,000.

Public Works has six separate budgets: Public Works, Animal Control, Vehicle Maintenance, Urban Forestry, Solid Waste, and Street Aid. All proposed budgets for fiscal year 2021-22 were reviewed. Two budgets had requests for increases.

Vehicle Maintenance has two employees who are eligible for retirement, says Southard.

“We need to hire one employee in vehicle maintenance,” he said. “We have to put someone in there to learn. Working on a garbage truck requires hands-on experience.”

The proposed budget is $397,874, a total increase of $69,424.

Within the budget for Animal Control is $25,000 for a new truck. That purchase, combined with smaller line item increases, brought the department’s proposed budget up to $131,044. Fiscal year 2020-21’s budget was $103,800. 

All budgets for McMinnville Public Works Department received initial approval at this stage of the process.