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City discourages ducks, geese
birds be-gone
Lisa Hobbs photo The abundance of birds at Riverfront Park is causing issues with the citys water supply. Measures will be taken to discourage birds in that area. Pictured are friends Brycen Medley, left, and Jordan Veach at the park on Wednesday.

Some feathered visitors to Riverfront Park have run “afowl” of city officials.

The city Parks and Recreation Committee was informed Tuesday the ducks and geese at the park need to be discouraged from inhabiting the area to protect the city’s water supply.

“I am in opposition to the duck and geese,” said city Water Department director Anthony Pelham. “That is the poop and feces that is in our water source. It is immediately above our water intake where the bulk of the ducks and geese are.”

City water is taken from the Barren Fork River at the dam at Pepper Branch Park and processed by the Water Treatment Plant on Bell Street.
“Every time they leave us a little present in the water, we have to take it out before we send the water out to you guys,” said Pelham. “Insert your imaginations.”

He requested consideration for immediate removal of the bird food dispensers and to “discourage the birds’ presence as much as possible.”
While McMinnville Parks and Recreation Department director Scott McCord has issued the removal of the dispensers, Alderman Ben Newman asked, “What can we do to discourage them?”

Pelham says step one is taking away the birds’ food supply, while step two is a little more startling.

“You can actually get sound cannons that send shock waves and sound waves to be unpleasant,” said Pelham. “Those might be unpleasant to people too.”

Human visitors to the park are being urged not to feed the birds to help alleviate the problem without the use of step two. The stance looks to end a longtime local tradition of feeding the birds at Riverfront Park.