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City considers three-way stop in Westwood
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Does Westwood need another three-way stop?
McMinnville’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen is being asked to decide if Westwood Drive and Rivermont Drive would benefit from a three-way stop after Safety Committee members failed to approve or reject a request for one.
“I went over there and looked at the area,” said Alderman Everett Brock. “I can’t see the need. What’s the issue the people gave who are asking for this? What is their reason for requesting it?”
McMinnville Police Chief Bryan Denton said speed is the concern.
“I went to look at that and did some research. I didn’t find a lot of statistical data to back up anything about speed,” Denton said. “We know there are occasional speeders through there. There’s no doubt about that, but there are on most streets in town. There is a blind approach though. There was an accident back in the summer where a child was hit by a car but it didn’t seem to be speed-related.”
Denton recommended one be placed.
“I wouldn’t be opposed at all,” he added. “It might even be a good idea to put a three-way stop there since that is a blind approach when you get to it. A couple years ago, we actually put a three-way stop in at Rivermont for similar issues. It wasn’t a blind approach, but it was something we looked at. It might be appropriate to have a three-way stop there, in my opinion.”
Brock said he traveled the intersection from all three directions and he doesn’t see the need for a three-way stop.
Nearby resident Matt Feno was in attendance.
“There has been an influx of children into the area,” said Feno. “There is a lot of foot traffic. There’s a lot of runners through there. There are tons of runners, bicyclists. People who walk through there. It’s actually, in my opinion, blind from both sides of Westwood Drive. You cannot see over the hill approaching it. To me, what harm would it do? That’s not a place anyone needs to be making up time.”
Committee members unanimously approved sending the measure to the full board for its consideration.