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City considers software bids
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McMinnville Community Development Department wants to purchase new computer software to better serve customers.
“My main goal is to improve our level of customer service by providing a platform for citizens to more efficiently interact with us,” said Community Development director Nolan Ming. “This system will automate, streamline and simplify our workflow, processes and services by transforming them to an online platform so we can provide exceptional, expedient and efficient service to our constituents.”
The system is an upgrade to what the department currently uses.
“Our citizens will have easy access to all of our e-government solutions together in one seamlessly integrated, service-oriented operational platform,” he said. “Our current permitting system is cloud-based as well, but doesn’t offer the same type of public-facing interactive platform for our citizens to take advantage of.”
City Building and Grounds Committee members reviewed bids received on the software. Low bidder was Citizenserve with $17,000. Six other bids were received ranging from $24,700 to $84,500.
“It’s not the one that we watched a presentation on, but it’s similar and actually cost quite a bit less,” said Ming. “It has just about all the same functionality as the one we saw.”
The difference between the low and high bidder is $67,500.
The measure was unanimously approved in committee and sent to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen for its approval.