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City considers skate park locations
The presentation was led by McMinnville Parks and Recreation assistant director Justin Scott.

The skate park location might not be final until the concrete is poured.
During what was touted as an unveiling of skate park plans and its location, McMinnville officials tossed more options into the air with Ramsey Park, the Blue Building, Pepper Branch Park, and Main Street added as alternatives to McMinnville Civic Center.
The presentation was led by McMinnville Parks and Recreation assistant director Justin Scott.
“The skate park is on a 50-foot by 95-foot concrete pad,” said Scott as he showed a computer-aided drawing of what the park would look like. “It’s a pretty cool design.”
Civic Center placement was the first consideration.
“The good part about the Civic Center is it’s a central location,” said Vice Mayor Ben Newman. “The downside would be the guys going to the park and leaving would probably skate along the places where people walk. Do we really want that, someone moving on a skateboard really fast and older folks walking in the same area? If this is where we put it, they can’t be on the walking trail because it’s for pedestrians only. Do you think it would be an issue?”
One of the skateboarders expressed his belief it would not create an issue and skaters would simply carry their boards to the park.
Newman disagreed, “I think it would.”
Currently the city has two lots on Main Street it is attempting to auction off by sealed bid.
If the Main Street properties do not sell, city administrator Bill Brock suggested to officials they could be used for the skate park.
Alderman Everett Brock said he “foot measured” the lot and it’s approximately 48 feet, making it slightly smaller than the 50 feet needed.
“It would be tight,” said Everett.
Skateboarders did not like the Main Street idea, expressing a desire to have an area for spectators to watch, which the lots on Main Street would not have if the pad for the park takes up the entire area. 
Other downsides to the Main Street location voiced during the meeting: no bathrooms, parking issues and expansion might not be possible due to location.
Access by skateboard might also be a problem. The city has a ban on skateboarding and bicycles on sidewalks in historic downtown McMinnville. This was at the urging of business owners who wanted to discourage skateboarding in front of their establishments.
Ramsey Park was suggested. It has parking, sidewalks, and enough available space. However, it has no bathroom access.
The Blue Building property was suggested, specifically the grassy area used as a croquet court. It has parking, sidewalks and enough available space. However, it has no bathrooms and neighbors, said Ev-erett Brock, are likely to voice opposition to a skate park.
Pepper Branch Park was suggested. Currently McMinnville Water Department director Anthony Pel-ham is attempting to purchase more than 11 acres of land in that area and consideration could be made to using a section of land above the gazebo and above the floodplain, if Pelham has no objec-tions. Pelham was not in attendance.
Each property suggested was met with pros and cons, but no final decision on placement was made.