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City applies for grant to help build crosswalks
Pictured is option two picked by city officials to include in a grant application to upgrade pedestrian crosswalks around Walmart.
A grant has been found that could be used to include a crosswalk at the intersection of North Chancery Street and Highway 70S Bypass.McMinnville Public Works assistant director Brad Hennessee requested permission of the Streets and Sanitation Committee to apply for the grant.Along with a 20 percent match, the city also has to pay all the preliminary design costs (engineering, surveying, and legal) which are estimated at $53,500.Hennessee offered two options for committee consideration and one of those needs to be submitted with the grant application:• Option one: Constructs two crosswalks, one on Old Smithville Road and one on Highway 70S Bypass. This option would help individuals on both sides of Old Smithville Road to access the Walmart side of North Chancery Street. Sidewalks, as needed, would constructed. • Option two: Along with the first two crosswalks from option one, a third crosswalk would be constructed on North Chancery Street.