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City accelerates efforts to repair rash of potholes
city potholes2
Public Works employees have been busy repairing city streets in recent weeks.

The recent snow and ice wasn't a winter wonderland for local roads.

McMinnville Public Works Department has a plan to combat a rash of potholes which have emerged throughout the city. The effort will take months and motorists are urged to use caution and have patience.

“The recent snow removal efforts have caused a more rapid deterioration of the roadway asphalt repair work done for water line repairs and potholes, and has made what was already a bad situation worse,” said McMinnville Public Works assistant director Brad Hennessee. “Emergency repair work began earlier this week to permanently repair these spots.”

Motorists can expect to see steel plates and/ or cones in areas that have been repaired.

“All repairs are being made using an 8-inch concrete cap,” Hennessee said. “A 1-inch thick steel plate will be used to cover small spot repairs that will allow the repair to be driven on immediately while the concrete cures underneath. Larger spot repairs will require cones to surround the work zone until it can be driven on.”

Inconveniences will be minimalized as much as possible. Hennessee urges driver caution.

“Our goal is to have all repairs reopened to traffic in about 24 hours. Every effort will be made by our department to provide effective and efficient traffic control, but driver caution and patience is necessary as many of these repairs are on major roads and are often multi-lane or near the center line of the street.”

The department will target major roads first, then tackle residential neighborhoods, with the project estimated to take several months.

Neighborhoods will be reviewed, with priority based on the number and severity of the spot repairs to be made.