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Citizens Police Academy program canceled this year
CPA fall class cancelled.jpg
A renovation effort inside McMinnville City Hall continues. While the time frame for completion is unknown, McMinnville Police Department has six months to relocate. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

McMinnville Police Department has canceled its Citizens Police Academy program this fall as it prepares to move into City Hall.

“We will not be having a Citizens Police Academy in the fall,” said McMinnville Police Chief Bryan Denton. “We were holding out hope. With everything going on, it’s not possible to do that.”

The Police Department is preparing to move from Red Road to Main Street. 

McMinnville Public Works Department employees are preparing City Hall for the move.

“I appreciate Frank (Southard, Public Works director) and his crew and the progress they are making,” said Denton. “It’s amazing to watch those guys work. We are excited about moving in.”

Employees are preparing the third floor for Police Department staff, as well as renovating the building’s first floor for government office use.

The Police Department is located at Red Road Business Park and has been there since November 2009. Rent is currently $3,500 a month, which totals $42,000 a year.

In 2019, the city approved a two-year extension on its three-year lease that was signed in 2016. It will expire in August 2021. However, per the agreement, either party may terminate the lease agreement with a 180-day written notice.

City officials approved ending the lease at Red Road Business Park with the hopes of negotiating a reduction in the six-month notice. However, according to city administrator Nolan Ming, that will not happen. 

“We had planned to meet with Red Road Business partners,” said Ming. “Before the meeting, they indicated they are unwilling to negotiate early termination of the lease so we canceled the meeting.”

At this time, it is unknown when renovation work inside City Hall will be complete.