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Circuit court

Judge Bart Stanley has ruled on the following cases in Circuit Court.

Justin Michael Morris had probation revoked and was ordered to serve an additional 180 days for violation of the sex offender registration law and violation of probation.

Daniel Ray Rainey was ordered to serve 75 days for violating the habitual traffic offender status and violation of probation.

Carolyn L. Tittsworth was ordered to serve two years as a Range 1 offender and pay a $2,000 fine for possession of marijuana with intent to deliver, third-offense driving on a revoked license, and introduction of a controlled substance into a penal institution.

Travis Ray Taylor was ordered to serve 180 days of a four-year sentence for evading arrest with risk of injury or death, evading arrest, and driving on a suspended license.

Ordered to serve jail time for violation of probation were Amanda Lynn Vespo (10 days), Matthew Scott Lewis (60 days), Douglas Matthew Lundy (210 days), Cecilia Garcia Martinez (60 days), Mark T. Moore (60 days), Clifton Norris (48 hours), Austin Drew Petrina (revoked to serve), Kelly Lynn Steele (180 days), and Ashley Hernandez (30 days).