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Christmas tree has arrived
Christmas tree1.jpg
The center of downtown Christmas festivities, a 25-foot tree, was placed bright and early Monday by employees of McMinnville Electric System and the city of McMinnville. - photo by Bethany Porter

The 2021 Christmas tree for the city of McMinnville was cut down from Myers Cove Nursery and transported to Court Square.

“We liked the fullness of this tree,” said city landscape manager Hank Patton of the 25-foot evergreen. “It’s got a good shape to it. It looks a lot better than the others. They had two others that will look a lot better in a couple more years. We like a spruce because they decorate up better.”

Myers Cove Nursery owner Andy Myers has donated the tree the last three years. 

“I’m donating the spruce to the city because our family has always believed in trees being part of McMinnville’s identity and economy,” said Myers. “Trees have supported our family for generations, and having a local tree is part of McMinnville’s Christmas tradition. We’re thankful to be part of it this year.” 

Patton expressed thankfulness for Myers’ continued generosity.

“Andy’s trees, because they are out in the field, we can get to them easier. We can get in and out. It’s a lot easier on everyone involved. When we received trees from homeowners, they were usually some place difficult to reach. We were worried about tearing something up or knocking down a fence. Today was stress free, as the last two years have been. Their employees help us too, and they were awesome.”

Lighting the tree will be conducted by Junior Auxiliary of McMinnville on Tuesday, Dec. 7 at 6 p.m. as part of Christmas in the Park.