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Chisam, 42, killed in wreck
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Firefighters and EMS workers begin to use the Jaws of Life to remove an injured woman from a truck involved in a deadly two-car wreck Wednesday on Manchester Highway after a man lost control of his vehicle and hit the truck head-on. - photo by Atlanta Northcutt
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Bethany Stoner and Josh Ward stopped to render emergency assistance immediately following Wednesday’s fatal crash.

A driver who was reportedly swerving all over the road triggered a head-on collision Wednesday that led to his death.

Manchester resident Richard Kyle Chisam, 42, was killed on impact of the two-vehicle crash, according to the Tennessee Highway Patrol. The victim also went by the name Kyle McGee.

The husband and wife of the vehicle he hit, John and Dara Currie, both of Decherd, were airlifted to Erlanger Medical Center in Chattanooga.

According to state trooper Richard Teachout, a complaint had been filed about Chisam’s driving as he was traveling toward McMinnville on Manchester Highway.

“We had received a reckless driving call saying he was all over the road,” said Teachout. “The woman was following him and was on the phone with 911 when the wreck occurred and she saw the whole thing happen.”

Chisam was reportedly in the slow lane of travel in a silver Honda Civic when he lost control. He veered through the fast lane, the middle turning lane, and went into the fast lane of the other direction of travel. That’s where his car plowed into a white GMC service pickup driven by Mr. Currie, 53.

“Whatever his problems were, he couldn’t maintain his lane of travel,” said Teachout.

The crash occurred at 5:10 p.m. near Prater’s BBQ. None of the occupants were wearing a seatbelt.

Mrs. Currie, 42, was trapped in her vehicle and had to be extricated using the Jaws of Life.

Two good Samaritans were at the scene right after the moment of impact. Rock Island resident Bethany Stoner was driving from McMinnville to Manchester to visit her grandmother and had her 8-year-old stepson in her car when she saw smoke coming from the two wrecked vehicles.

Stoner pulled over and told her stepson to stay in the car. She began yelling for someone to call 911, and another local, Josh Ward, pulled over and grabbed a fire extinguisher from his vehicle. He ran to the car to put out the smoke flumes coming from the vehicle.

“I tried my best to get that man out of the car and I just couldn’t,” said Stoner in tears. “I kept trying to shake him and wake him up without realizing he had already passed away.”

She added, “We went over to him and put our hands on him and prayed for him and his family once we realized he was dead.”

An unidentified individual removed Mr. Currie from his truck and sat him against Stoner’s car, waiting until EMS arrived to give proper care.  

“You see it on TV, but when you see it in real life, it’s not the same,” says Stoner.

Trooper Teachout said blood was drawn from both drivers, which is mandatory for any fatality wreck. However, the information will be used for statistical purposes only since the driver who caused the wreck is deceased and can’t be charged.

It marks the fourth fatality on a Warren County roadway in 2019 with all four coming in June. It was also the second traffic death in two days as there was a fatality wreck Tuesday when a 40-year-old man was killed on a motorcycle in Irving College.