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Children touched by random act of kindness
make a wish
"Lisa Hobbs photo A random act of kindness is providing others with the chance to have their wishes come true. Brothers Drake, 7, and Carter Jefferson, 5, discovered a jar of pennies Monday beside the downtown fountain. The jar was accompanied by a note urging visitors to take a penny and make a wish.

The note simply read, “Enjoy this random act of kindness. Take a penny … Make a wish.” It was held in place by a small jar of pennies and placed on the ledge of the downtown fountain.

“We don’t know who put it here,” said Drake Jefferson. “It was already here. I’ve made three wishes.”

Random acts of kindness can be fun for the recipient, as well as the provider. They are meant to cheer someone up, let them know someone cares, and inspire them to show kindness to others. Making the act anonymous is like being an undercover agent for good.

While not originally designed to be a wishing well, local residents have taken to tossing spare change into the water of the Court Square fountain and making wishes. As the ritual goes, wishes are thought to be granted if accompanied by tossing a coin into the water.

Drake refused to say what his wishes were out of fear the magic might be broken.

“If you tell, they don’t come true,” he said.

The last time the fountain was drained by the city of McMinnville, $68 in change was collected.