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Child rapist illegally visits school
Kenneth Lamar Tucker was banned from going near any place frequented by children.
A convicted child rapist faces jail time after he admitted to going onto the Bobby Ray Elementary campus.The man, Kenneth Lamar Tucker, 44, was banned from going near any place frequented by children as part of his agreement with the sexual offender registry. He was convicted of rape of a child in 2000 and is classified on the registry as being “violent against children.”According to his parole officer, Andrew Thornton, it was Tucker who turned himself in after he visited Bobby Ray Elementary. The reason for the visit has not been revealed.“He contacted me by phone and reported he had entered onto the premises of a public school here in Warren County,” Thornton revealed, noting such a visit is in direct violation of his sexual offender status.The parole officer double checked Tucker’s claim by looking up the tracking on the GPS device he must wear as part of his parole.“A check of the system verified he did enter onto the premises of Bobby Ray Elementary on North Chancery Street and remained on the premises for approximately 15 minutes,” Thornton confirmed.Despite reporting his own violation, Tucker faces a minimum of 90 days in jail and could face up to two years in prison.