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Child molester gets quarter century in prison
Rembiszski Robert Daniel.Jpg
Robert Daniel Rembiszewski

A child molester has been sentenced to a quarter-century behind bars after two girls came forward to tell their story of sexual abuse that went on for years.
The defendant, Robert Daniel Rembiszewski, 41, entered a best interest plea before Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to two counts of rape. He was sentenced to serve 25 years at 100 percent in the state penitentiary, meaning he has no hope of going free through parole. The remaining 12 counts which included child rape and aggravated sexual battery were dropped in light of his plea.
“The incidents began in another state and continued when they arrived here,” said McMinnville Police detective Todd Rowland who described the sexual abuse as a long-term pattern of conduct on part of Rembiszewski. “They were of a young age when it began.”
The crimes for which Rembiszewski entered pleas happened in 2006 and 2007. The victims did not come forward for many years after the molestations when one of the victims was adult and had already started her own family. Specifically, the elder of the two girls became aware that the younger girl had become subject to Rembiszewski’s advances just as she had been and decided he had to be stopped. The younger girl also came forward with her story, both corroborating each other’s recollections regarding the years of abuse.
“He admitted to it,” Rowland said, noting the defendant confirmed parts of the oldest girl’s story when questioned.
As part of his sentence, Rembiszewski is to have no contact with the victims or their family.