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Child abuse leveled for dad who threw hot chili
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A Creekwood Apartments father faces a child abuse charge after he hit his 2-year-old daughter in the face with a hot bowl of chili.The father, Jamie D. Jordan, said the incident involving his young daughter was an accident that happened in the crossfire in an exchange between him and his wife.“Mr. Jordan stated he had been drinking and he and his wife were arguing,” said McMinnville police officer Katelyn Neal. “She got upset and hit him in the side of the head.”Jordan admitted the blow from his wife made him mad and he retaliated with the closest thing he could grab.“He got angry and threw a hot bowl of chili,” officer Neal said. “When he threw the bowl it hit his 2-year-old daughter’s lip, busting it.”Despite the incident being an accident, Jordan was charged with child abuse since the girl was injured due to his reckless actions.