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Ceremony heralds opening of Trail
A group of 35 took the inaugural hike along River Trail East on Saturday. The trail was established by volunteers and spearheaded by Greenway Council members. The trail will eventually connect Ramsey Park to Rocket Park.
River Trail East officially opened Saturday with a dedication ceremony.“The trail is here today because there was a vision set forth, roadblocks were overcome, and there was perseverance to complete the job,” said McMinnville Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord. “We have a bright future and we get there by building paths and bridges like these completed here today.”The Greenway Council spearheaded the establishment of the trail as the next step in building a better life in Warren County through greenways and trails – both protect important habitat and provide corridors for people and wildlife, as well as provide countless opportunities for economic renewal and growth.Greenway Council chair Wally Bigbee hopes the trail has the added benefit of promoting healthy living.“Most children are outdoors and exercise deprived and too many people of all ages are overweight, too inactive and face a shorter life expectancy because of it,” said Bigbee. “Safe, interesting trails and greenways are useful in achieving better health, reducing blood pressure and improving mood.”The trail begins at Ramsey Park on East Main Street and often runs close to the Barren Fork River.