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Celebrate Letter Writing Month
child writing letter
Third-grade student Jaxyn Petrovic recently received a letter from his grandmother, and thinks its a good idea to return the favor. Letter writing is a dying art, mostly attributed to sending messages through the phone or computer. Classmate Jacy Lowry is in the background.

National Letter Writing Month is designated for April, but hand-written letters can be sent anytime of the year. The month is just a way to encourage everyone to take time and compose a hand-written note for those who have been kind to you or showed acts of kindness, or to just keep in touch. It might be a birthday card, a thank you note or a letter to someone you want to stay in contact with. A letter is a gift.

Yes, we could send a quick email, text or Facebook message, but that is not nearly as exciting as finding a personal letter addressed to you in your mailbox. Plus, if the receiver chooses to keep the letter, it can last a lifetime. When you write a letter, it lets the receiver they are important to you.

Irving College School third-grader Jaxyn Petrovic received a birthday card and note from a grandmother whom he hadn’t seen in a long time.

“I felt so happy when I got the letter,” said Petrovic. “It has been a long time since I saw her, and at least now I have something from her.”

His teacher, Betty Clendenon, shared her experiences about writing and receiving letters before the emails and text messages became so popular.

“I appreciate it so much when I receive a letter or a birthday card, because I know that person is thinking about me,” said Clendenon. She challenged her students to write a letter or a card to someone in the near future. 

It’s a proven fact letter writing improves social and penmanship skills, and helps create lasting memories with people you care about. It seems the art of hand writing letters has been cast aside for the more immediate digital communications. Letters take a little more time and thought, and are not filled with clumsy acronyms and cute emojis.

In fact, the U.S. Postal Service celebrates April as National Card and Letter Writing Month by issuing colorful stamps complete with decorative stickers for personalizing envelopes, letters and greeting cards.