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Caring Hearts United chosen as recipient
Power of 100.jpg
Photo provided Caring Hearts United received a $15,600 check from The Power of 100. Pictured, from left, are Melody Crim, Alma Shoemaker, Dianne Sneed and Deitra Dunlap, who presented them with the check.

The Power of 100 chose Caring Hearts United as the organization to donate to this quarter and contributed $15,600. 

The Power of 100 has been around since 2018 with Carrie Huckaby being the founder of the Warren County chapter. Members meet four times a year to see presentations from three charities in Warren County. 

“We simply draw them out of a hat. Three people then come to the meeting and someone donates a space and food every quarter,” said Deitra Dunlap. 

Central Church of Christ provided the venue for this meeting and NHC provided the food. During the meeting, the representatives from the three organizations gave five minute presentations on what they do and why they need the money. Power of 100 members were also given an additional five minutes to ask questions. 

“Usually those questions are about whether they have any other means of funding. It is nice to give it to someone who is totally running on donations,” said Dunlap. 

After members listen and ask questions, they vote on which organization they want to donate to. 

A few members go to the back and count the votes and present the organization with a check that night. Dunlap says it is often a hard choice deciding which organization to vote for. 

“Everyone is so worthy of the money. It is a hard choice each meeting,” said Dunlap. “We have given to so many worthy groups and we learn so much about them.”

Organizations are encouraged to keep applying if they are not accepted this quarter. 

“A lot of time we tell the people we don’t choose to apply the next quarter. Caring Hearts United has applied probably every time we have had a meeting. Sometimes they are not chosen as one of the three and, when they were one of the three, they haven’t gotten it several times,” she said.

Caring Hearts United is a non-profit organization that assists hospice patients in Warren County. They assist hospice units by providing gas cards for medical appointments, hospital sized bed sheet sets, care packages and more. Dunlap says it is a very deserving cause. 

“It is such a worthy cause and she brought letters from people they have served to read to us. There are a lot of folks doing a lot of good things,” said Dunlap. 

Next quarter, representatives from Caring Hearts United will come to the meeting and explain what they did with the money. The $15,600 donation will allow Caring Hearts United to continue serving the community.