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Caring Hearts clears up funding confusion
caring hearts

Caring Hearts United chair Dianne Sneed cleared up the misconception that money allocated to the organization from county government is going out of Warren County. 

Caring Hearts United is a nonprofit that works with hospice organizations and helps assist with the needs of hospice patients. Sneed spoke at the Warren County Commission meeting during non-profit special presentations and cleared up the misunderstanding that their allocated funds were going out of county.

“Tonight I want to say first of all for the past few years that you guys have been kind to allocate to us a sum of money that we have truly appreciated and last year when I went before the budget committee I was kind of taken off guard,” said Sneed. “We had asked for an increase and then I was told by one of the commissioners that they had been approached by a citizen who was concerned our money that we were being allocated was going out of the county and it is not.”

Sneed told commissioners Caring Hearts United services hospice units by sending happy packages five holidays a year. She explained how the organization uses the money.

“At present time we are servicing 11 hospice units,” said Sneed. “Of those 11 hospice units, there is one in McMinnville, but there are others that are servicing from other counties coming into McMinnville. Those are Amedisys which are found in Kimball, Tennessee. Then we have Avalon McMinnville, Adoration is out of Manchester, and Caris is out of Cookeville. That is four out of the 11 that we are positive comes back into Warren County and services patients here.”

She then went on to explain how much money is typically spent on the packages being distributed.

“I want to say that out of the 11 units, the four that we service usually are approximately 200 to 230 packets that we send out five holidays out of the year,” said Sneed. “Out of that 200 to 230 packages, 60 to 85 stay here in Warren County. Sixty packets, and that is staying on the low side, times we are averaging like we are saying $5 per package. That will total $300. When you prepare five holidays out of the year for those 60 people, you are up to $1,500 a year. So you guys allocate us $1,000 and your $1,000 is definitely staying in Warren County.”

Sneed said the organization has expanded and is proud to continually see its purpose be fulfilled as it prepares to enter its 12th year.