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Cantrell reportedly stalks girl
zackera cantrell.jpg

A Warren County man faces coercion charges after allegedly using a jailhouse phone call to attempt to influence the victim in stalking and trespass charges.

Zackera Cantrell, 43, was charged with aggravated stalking and aggravated criminal trespass on Oct. 10. Those charges stem from allegations that he trespassed “several times” on a Poss Lane property where a mother lives with her 15-year-old daughter. 

According to the complaint, the first instance of trespass/ stalking occurred when the daughter exited her school bus and began walking home. 

The arrest warrant says the teen “saw Mr. Cantrell come out from behind a tree and begin following her home. The mother came out when her daughter informed her of the incident and told Mr. Cantrell he was trespassing and needed to stay off their property and not to be following her daughter.” 

Those words had little effect, as the mother later reported, “Mr. Cantrell has been seen on the property at all times of the day and night” since that initial warning. 

Law enforcement intervention came Oct. 10, on a Sunday.

“The minor female was home alone and looked up to see Mr. Cantrell at her window. Scared, she called 911 at 1:40 p.m. and when her mother arrived she told deputies she went to school with the individual and was able to identify him, noting his various tattoos and a red hat he wears.”

Cantrell was located on Shelbyville Road and taken into custody. While being booked on charges of stalking and criminal trespass, coercion of a witness charges were alleged.

According to the warrant, Cantrell made a phone call and asked that person to “go to the victims’ home and speak with them about the charges.”

Cantrell’s court date has been set for Nov. 16.