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Camp planned for Recovery Court Program participants
ARC Recovery Camp-drug court members.jpg
The Adult Recovery Court Program members are, from left, Brad Price, Jason Walker, Vickie Rowland, Rick Phillips, Bart Stanley, Mike Droese, Zachary Sapp, John Partin, Marianne Cripps and Christopher Goforth. Not pictured are Lisa Zavogiannis, Nicole Mosley, Karla Yates and Susan McBride.

Relaxation, recreation and recovery are the focus of an upcoming camping excursion, ARC Recovery Camp 2019.

The Adult Recovery Court Program is holding ARC Recovery Camp this weekend, June 21-23. The Happy Camper campground is opening its land on the Collins River in Rock Island for a weekend filled with camping and outdoor activities, inviting those who are in the program, members of Celebrate Recovery, and those in the recovery community to enjoy themselves in a healthy and fun environment.

The goal is to show you can have a good time without being under the influence.

The idea began last summer when a former participant in the Adult Recovery Court Program, Kirk Myers, wanted to give back to the program that helped him gain his sobriety and life back, and connect with others in recovery. 

Myers opened his land on the Barren Fork River, inviting those who are sober to bring their families and loved ones to camp for a weekend. The Adult Recovery Program was involved, and the positive feedback from those who attended was overwhelming.

Outdoor activities, including camping, kayaking, cookouts, games, bonfires, fishing, swimming, and watching movies on a projector will be available to the 200 people who are expected to attend next weekend. 

Two free meals will be provided on Saturday and Sunday. The only costs for families are for their individual food, drinks and camping supplies. 

Many people who are coming through the recovery court don’t have excess funds due to paying fines and court costs as they rebuild their lives, nor do they have many recreational opportunities because of their financial situation. New members of the program are on house arrest and can’t participate in activities outside of the home with family or friends. 

ARC Recovery Camp aims to create a bonding experience by providing a different environment outside the courtroom or meetings to interact.

Peer recovery coaches Chris Goforth and Susan McBride are the event organizers and they will be staying on the premises, while Judge Bart Stanley, director Brad Price and other board members of the Adult Recovery Court Program will come by to spend time with the campers and their families. 

For those interested in being a part of ARC Recovery Camp, call (931) 474-1071 to register.