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Business Pulse - Morrison Industries looks for workers
McMinnville Green john
McMinnville Green owner John Hoch, front, has grown his recycling business to four employees and estimates he recycles about 500,000 pounds of materials each month. Working in the background are Josh Macanas, left, and Bobby Tanner.

On this joyous weekend when we pause to absorb the moment of Bonnaroo, there is one thing that can still catch my attention among the guitar solos and cheese pizza.
A job fair.

Morrison Industries held a job fair Saturday in hopes of landing 25 to 30 employees. Company president Jacob Wilson tells me they are in need of assemblers and experienced welders. If you missed the job fair, don’t hesitate to contact Morrison Industries if you’re interested in one of these positions.

“We’re definitely in hiring mode,” said Jacob. “Our new presence in Detroit is opening a lot of doors for us. It’s bringing us attention and leading to more orders here.”
Morrison Industries opened a new facility in Detroit in mid-January. It’s aptly named Morrison Industries North and is located among the Big Three automakers.

“When you’re around them more, you get more opportunities to know them,” said Jacob. “We are definitely getting more of a presence with GM and Ford.”

The goal of opening the facility in Michigan was to create work at both Morrison Industries plants. So far that goal is being achieved.

The plant in Michigan has right at 25 employees. The plant in Morrison has 150 employees with the hope of growing to 175 to 180.

“There aren’t many people who don’t have jobs,” said Jacob, who added the family atmosphere at Morrison Industries is a great recruiting tool.

Like the rest of Tennessee, the Warren County economy is robust as we continue to ride an eight-year economic upturn. Let’s always remember these good times when the outlook is not so peachy.

Save the world! Recycle

Citizens on Planet Earth recognized World Environment Day on Tuesday and stressed the need to recycle more.

I realize the thought of recycling is not exactly sexy. It’s so much easier to throw everything in the trash and be done with it. Finding the time, and space, to recycle is extra work. It’s a chore. I know this.

The problem is our planet has a finite amount of space and more of it keeps getting filled with garbage. We need to do something. We need to act responsibly.
McMinnville Green is leading the local charge when it comes to recycling. Business owner John Hoch is nearing one year at his new location at 946 Sunset Point Road and five years overall.

“We’re keeping so much stuff out of landfills,” said John. “When I first started, we were recycling about 10,000 pounds a month. Now we’re recycling about 500,000 pounds a month. I see potential to eventually get up to 2 million pounds a month.”

John says the main three things he recycles are plastic, cardboard and paper. He said it doesn’t take long for plastic to really add up.

“So much of what we use comes in plastic bottles,” said John. “Milk, water, shampoo. You’d be amazed at how much space you save in your garbage if you take out all the bottles for recycling.”

John says one of his biggest barriers is that people commonly throw other trash, especially food, in with materials to be recycled. He says separating the recyclables with the trash can be labor-intensive and bog down his efficiency.

“If people would put a little effort into it, we could really save a lot,” said John.

Once the recyclable material is separated, it’s compacted in 3,000-pound bales. When there are enough bales of a similar material to fill the back of a semi-trailer, it gets hauled off to recycling centers around the region. John gets paid for the bales by weight and uses the money to pay four full-time employees and other business expenses.
If you’ve toyed with the idea of recycling, John offers this advice.

“Start simple and start with one product,” he said. “Once you get one product down and make that a habit, then you can think about expanding to other things.”
John says this area is a little behind other states when it comes to recycling. He said in talking to people who have moved here from out of state, they are frequently stunned with how little emphasis is placed on recycling.

McMinnville Green is open Monday thru Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The phone number is (931) 259-3301.

“When I first started, I never pictured I’d have this much stuff going on,” said John while surveying his very packed front lot. He says an upcoming push by community leaders will be to get more small businesses involved in recycling.

Groomed for Success

Dana King will treat your dog like royalty at her new grooming service called Kritter Groomin’. It’s located inside the boarding kennels at Kamp Kritter, located at 266 Shady Rest Road across from the VFW.

Dana got her start in the grooming business as a child growing up in Florida. While in elementary school, she helped a neighbor with her groom-mobile.
“It was a mobile van that went house to house and was really very popular,” said Dana. “There was a tub in the van and it was really convenient for older people who couldn’t get their dog out of the house. We’d come to them.”

Dana says no dog is too big, or too small.

“A lot of groomers shy away from the bigger dogs, but I’m a Great Dane, Saint Bernard type of girl,” she said. “One thing I want to say upfront is I require all dogs to have their shots before I groom them. I lose clients over this, but for me if they don’t have their shots, they have to go somewhere else. I want all owners to feel comfortable when they bring their dogs here. They shouldn’t worry that they might come in contact with a dog that hasn’t had its shots.”

Dana is an animal lover who has devoted much of her life to their care. She has a degree in animal science, has worked at a veterinarian’s office, and has 25 years of grooming experience. This experience includes grooming a pig.

“My daughter is in 4-H and we’ve spent a lot of time grooming a pig before a show,” said Dana. “If you’re going to show pigs, they have to look their Sunday best and they actually have a lot of hair.”

Getting bitten by a dog would seem like a natural danger of the job. Surprisingly, Dana says she has only been bitten once really hard and that was by a cocker spaniel.
“You learn to read the dog and you know when they mean business,” said Dana. “Most of the time they bite because they’re scared. Once they know you’re not going to hurt them, it’s OK.”

If you’d like to see what Dana can do for the look of your dog, or just want a cooler cut for the summer, Kritter Groomin’ can be reached at (931) 703-4517.

Muscetta expands Kamp Kritter

After I finished gathering information about Dana’s dog grooming service, Kamp Kritter owner Tim Muscetta took a few minutes to show me around his business to point out some new offerings.

The biggest is a new pet cemetery which is available for anyone searching for a final resting place for a beloved pet. A stone marker signifies the spot where your four-legged friend is buried.

“They can come by any time to visit,” said Tim, who also has a backhoe and is available to bury large farm animals for $50 an hour with a four-hour minimum.
As for the boarding kennel itself, Tim wants to advertise he accepts all types of animals.

“If I can get it through the door and it won’t bite my head off like a Bengal tiger then I’ll let it stay,” said Tim. His busiest week ever came over spring break 2016 when he boarded 20 dogs, one pot-bellied pig, a parrot, four geckos, and six pythons at the same time.
Kamp Kritter can be reached by calling 668-TAIL.

Accolades for Security Equipment

If you’d like the peace of mind of watching your home from your cellphone while you’re away, give Security Equipment a call. Business owner Ken Roberts says he is more than capable of providing a security system to meet your needs.

A more than 40-year-old company, Security Equipment is in the news because it’s one of only 45 companies to achieve status as a Platinum Dealer for Honeywell, one of the largest security-related companies in the world. The distinction is for North American dealers, which includes Canada, Mexico and the U.S.

“Fire alarm equipment has become a huge part of our business,” said Ken. “We service schools all over Middle and East Tennessee, enough to keep several full-time employees doing nothing but inspecting schools this time of year because they all want to be inspected over the summer when kids are gone.”

Security Equipment headquarters is in McMinnville. There’s also a full-service office in Knoxville. Ken says the company has about 25 employees at both locations.
“It’s surprising how far our people travel because we serve so much of the state,” said Ken. “We go from Chattanooga on up to the Kentucky border.”

Due to a high volume of business, Ken says he is looking to find a couple more qualified technicians who he can put to work immediately. “We’re like the Marines. We’re looking for a few good men,” said Ken.

When it comes to home security, Ken says internet-based systems are what everyone wants because they can be accessed through a cellphone. Security Equipment is available for residential and commercial projects.

If you’d like to buy your system from a company that’s earned Platinum Dealer status from Honeywell, Security Equipment can be reached at 473-6300.

That’s all folks

It’s not too early to start thinking about Southern Standard’s annual Banana Day on Friday, June 22 from 1 to 3:30 p.m. Stop by our office for your free banana split and pick up a discount subscription in the process.