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Business Pulse
Craig Pope has opened Tree City Metals near the old Handy Rental building in Newtown. If you need metal for a roof, siding, mini barn, carport and more, he can be reached at 668-ROOF.

If there’s one thing I’ve discovered in the newspaper industry, it’s that it’s difficult to determine how a story will be received.
Sometimes I can work hours on a story, think it’s marvelous, and never receive a single comment. My “masterpiece” ends up being a dud. Other times I can throw together a story in 10 minutes and it will generate conversation for weeks. Go figure.
The latter would be true for an article I wrote three weeks ago about the Spartan Mosquito Eradicator, a story I only wrote to pass the time. But I’ve found there’s great interest in this product and people are eager to learn if it can really beat back mosquitos.
The company suggested allowing around three weeks before judging the Spartan Mosquito Eradicator on its effectiveness and I’m here to report I’m extremely pleased. I would say I’m tickled to death, but I’ve always thought that would be a painful way to go.
I’d give it two thumbs up, or 9.5 out of 10 stars, whichever ranking system you prefer. A magician couldn’t make mosquitoes disappear any faster than the Spartan Mosquito Eradicator. I can now enjoy relaxing on my patio without getting swarmed, bitten and overwhelmed by these bugs.
What makes the product even better is it’s so simple to use. All you have to do is fill two tubes with warm water and hang them on opposite sides of your property. The instructions say two eradicators can treat up to 1 acre so that covers most backyard areas. It took me about 5 minutes to get the tubes out of the box and hang them in two bushes.
I would highly recommend this product and say the price is reasonable at $19.95 for the enjoyment it brings. If you crave fewer mosquitos, buy this thing.
As a full disclaimer, I should say I reviewed the Mosquito Eradicator after the company sent me a free sample. If you have a product you’d like me to evaluate, send a free sample to James Clark, 105 College Street, McMinnville, 37110. I am agreeable to testing almost any product, including new tires, lawnmowers, TVs, tablets, and speakers.

Craig Pope
Raises the roof

After years of experience in the metal roofing business, Craig Pope received untimely news just before Christmas. He was laid off from the job he had held for 14 years.
It wasn’t what he expected to find under the tree, but Craig has worked to turn the unfortunate set of circumstances into the gift of his own company. Tree City Metals is now open at 92 Volunteer Drive in the Newtown area.
“I wasn’t really ready to buy two trucks, two trailers and a forklift, but that’s what I had to do,” said Craig. “I enjoy this line of work. I’ve met a lot of people and made a lot of contacts. Metal roofing is the way to go. It comes with a 40-year warranty, but it’s going to last a whole lot longer than that. I’ve seen metal roofs in the Bell Buckle area that have been on for 100 years.”
Craig can provide the metal for roofs, barns, carports, and all types of structures. He also sells wood and metal trusses, metal shutters and sliding door hardware. Delivery is available.
Craig says the bulk of what he sells is for residential customers. Turnaround time is two to three days.
One thing he says customers will appreciate about metal roofs is how the paint has become so much more durable over the past decade. He says any product exposed to the sun will experience some fading over time, but paint technology now allows metal roofs to maintain their luster for much longer.
While Craig doesn’t do installation himself, he works with several respected contractors who have been reliable over the years.
“My goal is to always provide good service, which is something a lot of people in this business are getting away from,” said Craig.
Tree City Metals is located at 92 Volunteer Drive just as you’re getting into Newtown. It’s next to the old Handy Rental and is easy to find thanks to the billboard in its front parking lot. Craig can be reached by cellphone at (931) 581-0312.

A new option
For wellness

Aches and pains are no fun. The nation’s opioid problem is proof people enduring discomfort will go to great lengths to relieve chronic pain.
But there are other methods to achieve relief than popping pills. One is a type of massage called myofascial release which is practiced by Jeanette Jordan on East Main Street.
This type of therapy focuses on connective tissue that runs throughout the body from the toes to the top of the skull. This tissue is essentially one giant piece, meaning a problem in your leg can eventually lead to pain in your shoulder.
“I like to use the analogy of a knitted sweater,” said Jeanette. “If you have a piece getting pulled out at the bottom, it will affect how it fits on the top. It’s the same way with this. It’s all one system. The soft tissue is like the guy wires of the body. It’s what keeps everything in place.”
Jeanette says myofascial release can ease all sorts of ailments including fibromyalgia, migraines, arthritis, carpal tunnel, and neck, back and pelvic pain. She says there is no one-size-fits-all treatment and someone recovering from a car crash or major surgery will require more regular visits than someone without so much pronounced pain.
Jeanette likes to begin with a posture analysis to determine how you’re distributing weight and holding your head. From there, she will work on gently returning misaligned tissue to its proper location for the overall benefit of wellness. It’s a similar approach to chiropractic care only it address tissue and not joints.
“There’s not a whole lot myofascial release doesn’t help,” said Jeanette.
In keeping up to date on the latest news, Jeanette says recent research suggests some memories may even be stored in our body tissue instead of our brain. She said that’s a reason some people may twitch in a certain area when they think of a powerful memory.
Jeanette says this information is coming to light because more studies are being conducted on live patients. She said an abundance of previous research had been conducted postmortem, but the body undergoes such drastic change after death the information might not be as valid as previously believed.
All of this may be overexplaining Jeanette’s services which are designed to relieve pain. Her treatments are more aligned with physical therapy than traditional massage.
Jeanette is available by appointment only Monday thru Friday before 4 p.m. She offers extended hours until 7 p.m. on Tuesdays only. She’s located at 122 East Main Street and can be reached at (931) 212-4584.

Get fit
With Myra

I’m going to stick with the wellness theme of today’s column and tell you about a great, new business started by soccer enthusiast Myra Jackson.
With a BS degree in psychology, a previous behavioral consultant and now a certified lifestyle coach, Myra has recently opened a business. Mind Your Peas and Carrots: Living Well with Myra is a business focused on helping individuals with their health and wellness.
“This is a journey and a lifestyle we’ll do together,” said Myra. “No more fad diets, starving yourself, buying expensive plans and foods, forcing yourself to exercise or denying yourself yummy foods. Say goodbye to that way of life when you embrace the Trim Healthy Plan. This is a sustainable way of life, not a restrictive diet. It’s so hard in today’s culture to avoid the quick-fix diets because there is always a new fad. This doesn’t cut out any food groups. It’s inclusive of all foods so it’s reliable and sustainable for people in the long term.”
Myra offers classes, a six-week start up program, one-on-one coaching and help with meal planning. She is offering a free introductory class at her home at 138 Club Drive on Aug. 19 at 2 p.m. Because it’s in her home, Myra says space will be limited so call or text to reserve your spot.
“I want others to find a path to a healthy and an active life,” said Myra. “The best way to do that is through accountability and support. My specialty is setting up a specific program that fits your needs and lifestyle.” For more information you can call Myra at 931-273-5802 or

Dragon’s Lair
finds new castle

It was three months ago when Garner Loudermilk opened Dragon’s Lair in the basement of Plaza Shopping Center. It didn’t take long before Garner realized the dragon needed to discover a new kingdom.
“People couldn’t find me downstairs,” said Garner. “I’d tell them we’re located downstairs at Plaza Shopping Center and so many people don’t realize there even is a downstairs. So this location is so much better. We’re two doors down from Fiesta Ranchero so everyone knows where that is.”
Garner has some additions on the way, most notably he will begin getting weekly comic book deliveries in August. He’s also an authorized distributor of Warhammer.
Dragon’s Lair continues to specialize in wizard games such as Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh!
Tournaments are held on a regular basis.
“My idea is to give kids a chance to interact and talk with each other face to face,” said Garner. “It gets them away from the screen of a video game. This is a safe environment for kids to come and play. We have drinks and snacks.”
Garner said wizard-based games have become popular with people of all ages and he has personally known people to play from as young as age 8 to as old as 64.
“Magic has been out for 25 years so it’s become a generational thing,” said Garner. “There are some fathers who played and they’re now teaching their sons. It’s a great way to socialize.”
Garner is certainly familiar with these types of games. He has operated two different comic/ game stores in McMinnville and one in Cookeville.
“I love it here and we’re finally getting some foot traffic,” said Garner.
Dragon’s Lair is open seven days a week. The phone number is appropriately 507-LAIR.

That’s all folks
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