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Business owners petition city to adopt Hot Wheels Lane
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Businesses that utilize Hot Wheels Lane are asking the city’s assistance to fix the street. It has been allowed to deteriorate. A petition signed by six businesses urging the city to adopt the street and make repairs will be under consideration. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

Several local businesses hope to steer the city of McMinnville into adopting Hot Wheels Lane and turning what is now a private street into a city-owned property.

A petition signed by the owners of Smarty Pants Too, Metal Products, Ben Lomand Communi-cations, Whitey’s Small Engine, Rafael’s Pizza, and Hot Wheels Skate Center was presented by Frank Miller.

“My wife and I have operated the skate rink for 19 years,” said Miller. “Years ago, our street which is Hot Wheels Lane now and used to be old Gulf Plant Drive, was maintained by the city. School buses would actually go back to the Gulf plant to fill up with fuel. Time has gone by, the Gulf plant has closed down, and it’s owned by a private individual now.”

A written request described the street as being in “grave repair” and urged city officials to accept the private drive as a city street and begin the process to repair it.

Officials usually require the street to be brought up to city standards before it can be adopted. However, exceptions have been made. Most notable were Sunnyside Heights and Omni Drive – both were privately owned and allowed to deteriorate. 

Miller said Hot Wheels Lane has been allowed to deteriorate and its owner has no means to fix it. 

“Mr. Dennis Powell is retired and fully disabled property owner of the old Gulf plant and the street. He has no means to repair the road and would like to deed it to the city. We would like to ask the city to please consider taking possession of the street and begin its repair and upkeep.”

A meeting of the city’s Streets and Sanitation Committee will be set to consider the request.