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Pizza is one thing which brings a smile
After 44 years of dentistry, Dr. Dennis Jeter is easing his way out of his dental practice on Morrison Street and the husband and wife team of Drs. Charlie and Lindsay Manning are taking ownership. Pictured at the office of McMinnville Smiles are, from left, Dr. Jeter, Dr. Charlie Manning, Dr. Lindsay Manning, hygienist Ashlen Redmon, office manager Diane Mullican, and dental assistant Tena McMahan.

There’s no better way to start this week’s column than with fresh-from-the-oven pizza.
When talking about great inventions of mankind, things like the automobile and TV remote would certainly rank high on any such list. But I think somewhere near the bottom of the top 10 there should be a spot for pizza, glorious pizza.
I’m proud to say I ate a pizza Friday, or at least part of one, and it was from Viola’s Pizza Company. The crust was crisp, the sauce was zesty, and the mix of cheese and vegetables provided a delightful blend.
This is information you may want to remember as Viola’s Pizza Company has its grand opening this Thursday, Sept. 7. Regular hours are Thursday thru Saturday from 3 to 8 p.m. and the phone number is 635-5000.
The business is owned by Brian and Sara Covert and located on Town Square next to the post office at the restaurant which was most recently Viola’s Best. Brian said the new business is an idea that’s been in the works for some time.
“We’ve talked about this for 15 years and the opportunity finally aligned itself just right,” said Brian. “Plus we wanted to do this while the kids can still help.”
The Coverts have four kids ranging in age from kindergarten to college. They were busy cleaning and doing chores around the restaurant when I stopped by Friday.
There’s seating for 26 if you want to eat in, or you can phone in your order for carry-out. Brian said each pizza is made with a hand-tossed, malt crust that takes three days to fully ferment. Toppings are placed under the cheese instead of on top.
“In opening this restaurant, we wanted to support local companies and that’s why we have Dr Pepper products,” said Brian. “We’re also getting some of our sausage from a guy in Dibrell.”
This gives Viola its first restaurant on Town Square in about three years. Brian says he’s pleased with the location as Highway 108 is a heavily traveled road and his business is a convenient place to stop and pick up pizza on the way home.
“We’re open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays because we wanted to concentrate on the pizza heavy days,” said Brian. “We’re hoping this can be a long-term business for us. One thing we like to show our kids is you don’t always have to take a job. You can also create a job.”
In addition to pizza, the restaurant has giant cookies and cinnamon rolls for dessert.

Trea Miller joins USA Chiropractic                                                           

Neck and back pain can serve to bring misery to your life. I've come to the determination pain is not fun.
If you're hurting and seeking some relief, Dr. Trea Miller has joined Dr. Leland Northcutt on the staff at USA Chiropractic. Wednesday was his first day on the job.
“He’s like Tarzan,” said Leland in suggesting Trea is King of the Chiropractors. “He’s already taught me a few new things.”
Trea says his approach focuses on holistic wellness. He wants to help people dealing with back and neck pain, but he also wants patients to maximize their physical abilities to help them with the everyday chores of life.
“We want people to be the best they can be and that all comes from having a healthy spine with vertebrae in proper alignment,” said Dr. Miller, who is a June graduate of the Sherman College of Chiropractic and knows all the latest techniques. "A healthy spine allows you to achieve your maximum potential."
Dr. Miller says if your spine isn’t aligned properly it will affect your nerves and that can lead to an assortment of maladies such as headaches, digestive trouble, and even difficulty breathing. He says your spine directly impacts your central nervous system which is key to your entire body.
Vertebrae can get out of alignment due to any number of reasons. It could be a result of blunt trauma like a car wreck, or it could come from a fall around the house. You can also develop problems from poor posture over time.
Trea knows the benefit of chiropractic care as well as anyone. He competed in motocross racing from ages 5 to 20 and raced all over the Southeast.
When he was 11, Trea was involved in a horrible accident that involved a motorcycle rolling over his spine. The crash still haunts him.
Trea was in considerable pain and wondering what to do when he decided to call Dr. Northcutt. Leland provided just the right care and got Trea so he could climb back on that motorcycle again.
"That's the first thing that got me interested in being a chiropractor," said Trea. "I knew how much pain I was in and I was able to get relief. Leland did a lot of good for me."
USA Chiropractic has hours Monday thru Friday and is located at 1014 South Chancery Street. The phone number is 473-2345.

Dr. Jeter to ease into retirement

Dr. Dennis Jeter has been working as a dentist for 44 years, including 42 years at the same spot behind Hardee's at 100 Morrison Street.
Dr. Jeter has sold his practice to the dynamic dentistry couple of Drs. Charlie and Lindsay Manning. They are taking over the practice and have renamed it McMinnville Smiles.
Dr. Jeter will stay on board to work on Mondays, but his priorities are beginning to shift.
"After 44 years, I'm ready to do something else," said Dr. Jeter. "It's been a long career and this practice has been everything I dreamed it could and would be."
Dr. Jeter says he will be spending more time on a farm he has in Cannon County and he's also grown to love tarpon fishing in Florida.
"There's nothing like fighting with a 125-pound tarpon in 3 feet of water," said Dr. Jeter.
While he is slowly inching toward retirement, Dr. Jeter  says he can take comfort in knowing his practice is in good hands. Dr. Manning and Dr. Manning are graduates of UT (go Big Orange) and have been practicing for four years. They also have an office in Manchester.
"I'm going to be a busy boy, but I really enjoy it," said Charlie. "Dr. Jeter has a great practice here and we will be continuing the good work he's started. He's fixed a lot of teeth."
When asked what's the key to a bright smile, Charlie says regular visits to a dentist are always helpful.
"Regular maintenance and regular cleanings are important," said Charlie. "And if you're getting regular exams, we can catch the problems before they become big problems."
Charlie says he's pleased to have the dental expertise of Centertown resident Ashlen Redmon who is a dental hygienist. Ashlen graduated from ETSU with honors.
If you'd like to give McMinnville Smiles a call, the number is 473-8506.

Get ready to get fit

If you want to know how great it feels to lose weight, just ask Tammy Young, the famed owner of Tammy’s Little Tikes. Tammy has shed over 100 pounds and is now bouncing with energy she hadn’t enjoyed in decades.
“This has changed my life,” said Tammy, who admits she used to plan her days around meals.
Then Tammy discovered LT360 and realized how great it feels to be a more healthy weight. If you’d like to see how LT360 can work for you, the company has opened a store at Three Star Mall in the old Claire’s location. There was a grand opening ceremony Thursday night before the doors opened Friday, Sept. 1.  
“We signed up 25 new clients Thursday night,” said Keri Wood, who is the full-time manager of the new location. “We teach people how to get healthy on a cellular level. People are so trained to focus on scale weight, but it’s more than that. We focus on body fat, hydration and muscle mass.”
Keri is a success story herself, having lost 54 fat pounds and 39 scale pounds since following the LT360 plan. If you’d like to learn more about the program, call (931) 273-4377. The business has office hours Monday thru Friday.

First National A great place to work

First National Bank of Middle Tennessee has been named one of the Best Banks to Work For three years straight by American Banker.
In the interest of full disclosure, I have never worked for First National Bank, although I have tirelessly lobbied to be named to the bank's Board of Directors.
The Best Banks to Work For program, which was initiated in 2013 by American Bankers and Best Companies Group, recognizes U.S. banks for outstanding satisfaction. This is a multi-level process including a confidential survey to all employees.  
Pieter van Vuuren is president and CEO of First National Bank of Middle Tennessee, overseeing a workforce of 137 total employees, including locations in Warren, Rutherford, Bedford, Davidson, and Williamson counties. 
“Creating a working environment where everyone feels that what they do makes a difference and they are appreciated is something we work very hard to achieve," said van Vuuren. "Our Board of Directors and management team believes in this philosophy which starts when the bank creates opportunities for everyone."
First National is proud of the longevity of its employees and believes that is a key to the many successes the bank has enjoyed for the past 143 years of service.  Patti Barnes has been with the bank for 40 years, serving as an officer in the loans department. 
“When I started I never thought this would be my forever job, but First National has not only given me the opportunity for growth, but has given me memories and friendships that will last forever,” Barnes says.
Brent Foster began working at First National 34 years ago and has seen many changes, but has always seen the bank as a place for opportunity and growth. 
“I have been fortunate to have worked with First National Bank for 34 years," said Foster. "I told the bank president at that time, that I wanted to work for First National and that I would be willing to sweep floors if that was what it took. I was hired as a management trainee so I was able to see a lot of the intricate pieces that make the bank function and all in a short period of time.  I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to move up the different levels of the bank so my story alone should encourage the younger employees that hard work and persistence will eventually pay off."

Tullahoma lands Publix

This has absolutely nothing to do with Warren County, other than the fact we’re always calling for big-time chain stores to open here, so I thought I would mention the news that Tullahoma has landed a Publix Supermarket.
The 46,000-square-foot store will be located at Northgate Mall on North Jackson Street with a projected opening date of late 2018.
Said Tullahoma Mayor Lane Curlee, “Tullahoma will be one of the smallest cities in Middle Tennessee to have a Publix store. This indicates to me a confidence Publix has in Tullahoma and our region. The addition of Publix will continue to position Tullahoma as a retail destination.”
The project was said to be nearly three years in the making before it was announced in late August.

That’s all folks

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