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Business Cheetah 5-28
Save money at Nunley's Liquidation
Receiving the Hall of Fame award for Ben Roberts are son Matthew, wife Glenda, and son Joshua.

To the class of 2017, I will offer these words of wisdom. As you prepare to enter a world that can be unforgiving and cold, there’s one thing which will fill your mind with knowledge and your soul with happiness.
It’s a subscription to the Southern Standard. Remember this advice and you will find inner peace.
I begin today’s business news with a place to get great deals. If saving money is fun, then Nunley’s Liquidation would be considered an amusement park.
Owner Terry Nunley buys his merchandise by the truckload and then sells it at drastically reduced prices. The result is delight for shoppers who wander into his small warehouse.
“I think every town needs a business like this because it allows people to get a heck of a deal,” said Terry. “I’m in the process of expanding and opening a second store in Pulaski because they don’t have a store like this.”
Terry buys his merchandise from retailers such as Sears, Home Depot and Kohl’s. In some cases the merchandise is in damaged boxes. Sometimes it’s a product which has been pulled from the shelf. Sometimes it’s been a return.
“I check everything that comes in,” said Terry. “About 85 percent of it is in fine condition and is ready to go. If anything is wrong, I won’t sell it. I make sure my customers are satisfied. We have a 5-star rating from people commenting online.”
Terry says his merchandise changes regularly. When I stopped in, he had a wide selection of Christmas trees and other holiday items. There was also lawn furniture, exercise equipment, chairs and toys. Terry says tools, pots and pans, fishing gear, and kitchen items are also popular.
“I had a guy ask me about detergent and cleaning supplies so I think I’m going to see about carrying that,” said Terry. “I had one person tell me they furnished most of what they have in their house from my store. That was nice to hear.”
Nunley’s Liquidation opened in February and has been enjoying strong business. He says the only time the store isn’t busy is when it’s raining outside.
“I really save people a lot of money and I still make enough where I can make a living,” said Terry.
Nunley’s Liquidation is located behind Korner Market at 105 Field Street. That’s just off Mullican Street. If you like to save money, stop by and see what he has in stock.
Hours are Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon. The phone number is 474-8208.

A new home for Shelter

There’s bulldozer work taking place on North Chancery Street at its corner with Clark Boulevard. When there’s dozer work, there are always questions about what’s happening.
The answer is the corner lot will soon be home to the Shelter Insurance office of Heath Griffith.
In talking to Heath on Thursday, he says he hopes to have the building renovated and move his office by late July or early August. I think it’s a great move that will give his business more visibility on a heavily traveled street.
With several other properties on that stretch of North Chancery for sale, we’re only going to see that road become more commercial. If you recall, the city was prepared to widen that road with a continual turning lane about five years ago, but those efforts were stymied when a couple property owners decided to play hardball and ask a high price for about 10 feet of their land.
City officials refused their demands because they weren’t about to overpay for property and spend tax dollars frivolously. They needed to conserve tax dollars so they could overpay and spend $750,000 for property on Bell Street.

New business aims to make memories

If you’re having a wedding, you want everything to be perfect. The same goes for birthday parties, showers, or business events.
To help your special occasion dazzle and flow as smoothly as possible, Valerie Wells has opened Memorable Moments. The Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday to welcome Valerie and her new business.
“There are a lot of people who try to do it themselves, but they don’t realize how much work is required,” said Valerie. “And if you’re doing it yourself, it’s often hard to enjoy the event. We can handle all the planning and bring your vision to life.”
When it comes to weddings, Valerie says the days are largely gone for traditional church weddings. Now people are eager to put their personal stamp on their marriage ceremony, whether than means having it in a barn or a beach.
“I was reading a study that was conducted at the end of 2016 that said 89 percent of the people are not having weddings in churches anymore,” said Valerie.
If you’re looking to go where no man has ever gone before with your wedding, Valerie is eager to help. She has an extensive selection of unique furniture and collectibles if you’re aiming for a certain theme or just want something out of the ordinary. This goes for weddings or any type of gathering.
“I have so many antiques and unique things I’d like to share with people that I don’t necessarily want to sell,” said Valerie. “This gives me a chance to share my rare items, but I still get to own them.”
Valerie has credentials to accompany her ambition. She has a degree in interior design from The Art Institute and can make props she doesn’t have in her extensive inventory. Memorable Moments can also coordinate a DJ, a photographer, and even has its own balloon guy to add a neat touch to birthday parties.
If you’d like to peruse some of the design items from Memorable Moments the business is located at 203 West Main Street. The yellow-brick building is best known as the old hospital. Memorable Moments is located on the second floor.
Valerie can also do home staging if your house is on the market. She says proper home staging can lead to a faster sale and command a higher selling price.
Memorable Moments is open Tuesday thru Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The number is (931) 261-2626.

Experience a new level of clean

If your vinyl siding house is looking a little grimy, Jacob Simpson has the answer. Jacob has opened J’s Pressure Washing and he’s ready to restore the long-forgotten luster to your home.
“I started in the fall with one house and it’s gone from there,” said Jacob. “They told a few people how good their house looked and I got a few jobs from that and it’s just kept growing. The business has really taken off.”
J’s Pressure Washing doesn’t stop at homes. If you want to blast off a layer of dirt and yuckiness from your deck, fence, boat, or even your vehicle, give him a call.
“For cars, I don’t use the really high-pressure tip because that would take the paint off,” said Jacob. “I do most of my car clean-up work by hand. The pressure washer is good for tackling places that are just nasty. A lot of people need pressure washing and don’t know who to call so that’s why I’m here.”
Jacob says he provides an estimate before starting the job. He recommends pressure washing a house at least once a year. He also does odd jobs like cleaning gutters and hauling off junk scattered around your property.
J’s Pressure Washing has a motto of “Anything, anywhere, anyhow.” Jacob can be reached at (931) 304-4758.

Roberts now a Hall of Famer

Ben Roberts has been inducted into the Hall of Fame.
A former meter technician with Caney Fork Electric Cooperative with 37 years of experience, Ben received the honor earlier this month. He was inducted into the Mid-South Electric Meter Association Hall of Fame during a banquet at Park Vista Hotel in Gatlinburg.
“It was my honor to serve alongside Ben during his tenure at Caney Fork Electric Cooperative,” said general manager Bill Rogers. “His attention to detail and desire to serve our members to the best of his ability are a benchmark that we continue to strive for daily. I am very pleased to see Ben receive this recognition, which he definitely deserves.”
During the Hall of Fame induction ceremony, a slideshow presentation was given which showed highlights from Ben’s career. Several of his colleagues from across the region spoke and shared their good times together.
Ben was unable to attend due to health concerns. His wife, Glenda Roberts, who was accompanied by their two sons, Matthew and Joshua, accepted the Hall of Fame induction plaque on his behalf.

That’s all folks

Remember a fallen soldier this holiday weekend. Come Tuesday, phone in business tips at 473-2191.