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Zaxby's on track for mid-June opening
Woodall Grain Company has a presence on Manchester Highway you cant miss. Five bins are capable of holding 1.85 million bushels of grain, which equates to roughly 1,850 semi-truck loads.
Let the Zaxby’s countdown begin.I stopped by the Zaxby’s construction site on Friday and was given a complete update by general contractor Jack Williams, a man who has built many a Zaxby’s.“We’re supposed to be able to build four a year,” said Jack, “but we’ve never done it. It usually ends up being about two a year. I just finished one in Talladega, Ala., and I’ll be starting one in Lawrenceburg when I leave here.”Jack said construction is expected to be complete at the end of May, with Zaxby’s expected to open its doors to the hungry McMinnville community in mid-June.“It’s Zaxby’s corporate policy to wait at least 10 days after getting a certificate of occupancy before they open,” said Jack.