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A Penney saved
JC Penney employees were giddy Friday morning upon hearing the news our local store would not be among the 138 which are closing. Pictured, from left, are Glenda Solomon, Haley Jennings, Karen Bandy, Caleb Jones and Nathalie West.
Good news rained upon Warren County like a warm shower on Friday when it was revealed which 138 stores in the JC Penney chain would be closed.Bringing delight to the hearts of JC Penney shoppers in Warren County and beyond, our local store at Three Star Mall is not one of the stores which will be closed.Rejoice! Cheer! Party like it’s 1999!Just when things looked poised to descend into darkness, our JC Penney has emerged from the ashes like a great phoenix and is ready to soar to new heights.