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Trendy Trunk a welcome addition to Main Street
Namaste Medical Spa has opened inside the Namaste office at 159 Omni Drive. A range of beauty services are offered from botox, to chemical peels, to spray tanning. Licensed medial aesthetician Natalie Gipson is shown providing longer, thicker eyelashes Friday during this session.

If we’re talking about wins and losses, here’s how I see the situation. What’s a big loss for the Rock Island community will be a big gain for downtown McMinnville as The Trendy Trunk has changed locations after two years.
Store owner Ann Hawkins held her grand opening Saturday at the new location of The Trendy Trunk on Main Street just down from Collins River BBQ.
“If the building was bigger, I would have stayed in Rock Island,” said Ann. “But I couldn’t grow.”
Her new store on Main Street is filled with her popular boutique clothing and her boot line. She also has seven booth vendors selling a wide range of homemade items.
There are pillows made by Marcy Bolding that are fluffy and welcoming. Ann says the pillows sell fast.
There’s a line of candles from Monica Reed, who is also known for her fitness classes. Bracelets and other jewelry items are in stock from Anissa Webster. Children’s clothing is available from Connie Sinks, who is a fabulous seamstress. Wooden decorations have been fashioned by Jami Dunlap and are fitting to display inside or outside the home.
Karen Marsh, the former store owner when it was Et Cetera, still has some merchandise on hand with her burlap flags and plunder jewelry. It all makes for a store bursting with charm that’s a fitting addition to our downtown retail arsenal.
“So far everybody has been really welcoming and I really like the downtown area,” said Ann. “There’s only one drawback,” she added with a smile. “I smell food constantly. It makes me hungry all the time.”
I love the fact businesses are now looking to locate in the downtown area instead of fleeing the area like a fire drill. Our downtown district really is a reflection of our entire community and downtown McMinnville is looking better all the time.
There’s still booth space available at The Trendy Trunk for local artists who may be interested in exhibiting their wares. Store hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday thru Saturday. The phone number is 507-7544.

IDB excitement

Companies looking for new places to expand have shown steady interest in Warren County in recent months. That’s according to Industrial Development Board director Don Alexander.
When a company is considering locating in an area, its first move is a request for information. In economic circles, this is called an RFI.
“Our RFI activity has really picked up,” said Don during Thursday’s monthly IDB meeting. “I’m not really sure why but I think one of the factors might be the new robotics center we’re getting. Companies see that and realize it will be a great place to train their employees. We have five active RFIs right now and that’s a good number.”
A new $5.5 million robotics center is planned to be operational next January. It is billed as a place where advanced manufacturing training will be available. While some companies may want to locate next to an interstate, locating next to an advanced training facility may serve as a recruitment tool too. I believe it’s going to be a huge asset that creates other economic benefits just by having it here.
As for other discussion, Don talked about the hotel exploratory committee he’s forming, which is a topic I mentioned in last week’s column. Don is trying to bring together some major players, which includes developers and hotel operators, to determine the best way to land a nicer hotel for McMinnville. The inaugural meeting for this committee is set for February.
Also discusses was a new sign for the entrance of Mountain View Industrial Park in Morrison. With so many first-rate businesses in that area, the thinking is a nicer sign should be placed for all to see.
It looks like board members are leaning toward a horizontal sign about 14 feet long. It will not include the names of businesses in the industrial park as previously mentioned.

Three cheers for the Praters

The Manchester Chamber of Commerce recognized Gary and Phyllis Prater on Thursday night with the Small Business of the Year Award during its annual banquet.
Prater’s BBQ is wildly popular in the Morrison area. There’s also a Prater’s BBQ in Manchester off Interstate 24 at exit 110. The Prater’s in Manchester has live music on weekends and provides a comfortable shoulder for motorists to rest on during their travels.
In addition, Prater’s BBQ has operated a food booth by the main stage at Bonnaroo since the inception of the music festival. The Prater’s booth has developed quite a following and has even been mentioned in Rolling Stone magazine as one of the must-see places at Bonnaroo.
The recognition from the Manchester Chamber is great to see because Prater’s BBQ is an American success story. Gary got his start with one BBQ sandwich and a dream. He’s grown his business one chicken tender at a time.
The editors of Business Cheetah would like to extend a warm round of applause to Gary and Phyllis Prater. Congratulations.

Medical spa ready to glow

If you’re thinking of making a trip to a fancy medical spa in some faraway location, save yourself the gas. Namaste Medical Spa has opened in the Namaste building at 159 Omni Dr. with a full range of services.
Among the offerings are facials, chemical peels, eyelash extensions, airbrush tanning, body sculpting, botox, and much, much more. Licensed medical aesthetician Natalie Gipson has come on board to spearhead the offerings. She has been to seminars throughout the country including California, Las Vegas and Florida. She’s also visited many other spas.
“Everything they’re doing in the big-city spas we can do right here in McMinnville and you’re going to pay a lot less for it,” said Natalie.
Cool sculpting is a relatively new service that’s offered at Namaste. It works by freezing fat cells in trouble areas. Those fat cells die and are then expelled from the body through the lymphatic system.
“It’s extremely effective and very popular,” said Natalie.
A medical grade chemical peel is available for enhancing the vibrancy of your skin.
“It removes a layer of dead skin and reveals healthy, glowing skin underneath,” said Natalie. “It’s extremely beneficial for acne, rosacea, aging skin or mature skin.”
If you want to add a wow factor to your skin in a matter of minutes, there is airbrush spray tanning. It’s a top of the line spray tan that provides a beautiful, bronze color. It’s a smart choice for a pageant, wedding, prom, or any special occasion. The tan will hold for 7 to 10 days.
There’s collagen induction therapy which fills in fine lines and wrinkles. There’s also dermal infusion which penetrates deep into the skin to provide healthy layers underneath.
There are many spectacular things taking place at Namaste Medical Spa, which is committed to personal attention and unparalleled quality. For more information, the phone number to call is 815-8800.

Purple Lion roars at new spot

When it comes to giving tattoos, Charles Boyd has the heart of a lion. His tattoo parlor, The Purple Lion, has roamed to a new home next to Little Caesars on Chancery Street. It’s in the old Shockley Carpet building.
“I’ve been looking at this spot for a couple years and I’ve signed a three-year lease,” said Charles, who is fully licensed and dedicated to cleanliness. “We put quality before anything else.”
The role of tattoos in our society has certainly changed. No longer reserved for sailors or bikers, just about everyone has succumbed to the tattoo craze.
“We’ve given tattoos to doctors and grandmas,” said Charles.
One of his employees gave a tattoo to a 69-year-old lady just last week.
“She wanted an owl on her shoulder,” said tattoo artist Emmet Upton. “She did her research and knew what she wanted. A lot of people don’t do that.”
Charles says his studio is focused more on original art as opposed to handing customers a book and saying pick one. Much of their work relates to altering tattoos people aren’t satisfied with from other parlors.
“There are people out there who will butcher you out of their home,” said Emmet. “Then they come to us to get it fixed.”
Charles says tattoos come in all shapes and sizes. Some large tattoos may take several sessions to complete. Some customers who want elaborate tattoos may take it a step at a time due to the expense. They can only afford to get a portion of the work done at a time.
The Purple Lion utilizes organic inks and all instruments are for one-time disposable use. The business is also a place to go for piercings. Hours are Tuesday thru Thursday from 1 to 8 p.m., and Friday and Saturday from 1 to 9 p.m. The phone number is (931) 304-3469.

That’s all folks

My prediction for 2017 is this is going to be the best year ever in terms of business news. To make me aware of your business accomplishments, call 473-2191.