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Burks given 45 days for huffing
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A woman caught huffing fumes on two different occasions with her toddler in the car has been sentenced to 45 days in jail and ordered into mental health treatment.
The woman, Sarah M. Burks, 26, entered guilty pleas before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke to charges of child neglect and unlawful use of inhalants. She was directed to serve 45 days of an 11-month, 29-day sentence and to undergo mental health treatment and to work with the Department of Children’s Services on the child neglect portion of her plea.
She was arrested twice in two weeks this fall in the parking lot of Walmart. On both occasions, there was a report that a woman had been sitting in her car in the parking lot for a long amount of time. At the time of her most recent arrest, she was found slumped over the wheel. Her daughter was found in the backseat on both occasions. Video footage showed she had been parked in the same spot for two hours without exiting her vehicle.
Lawmen say Burks was huffing fumes from canned air both times. Canned air can produce a short high but is also known to be immediately fatal for many people who misuse the product for huffing purposes.