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Burks caught huffing again
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Just two weeks after she was caught stoned outside Walmart, huffing fumes with her child in the car, the same mother has been busted again for the same crime.“She was slumped over the wheel of her car,” said McMinnville police officer Justin Cobble of Sarah M. Burks, 26, who first-responders had roused upon their arrival to the Walmart parking lot.While she came around quickly for first-responders and did not seem intoxicated when the officer talked to her shortly thereafter, Cobble said recovery from inhalant use is very rapid even though its use can be dangerous and sometimes fatal. Cobble said he recovered two aerosol air duster cans from the car, suggesting the mother was huffing the fumes from them. He bolstered the case by pulling video surveillance footage from the Walmart cameras.“Video surveillance from Walmart showed she had been parked in the same parking spot for two hours without exiting,” Cobble noted.The description of her most recent arrest is almost identical to her original arrest on child neglect and use of illegal inhalants 15 days before.