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Budget review raises no red flags
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No surprises were found by McMinnville officials during a mid-year review of how last year’s budget cuts impacted city departments.

Directors provided members of the city’s Finance Committee a financial state of their departments, per requested to determine if last year’s cut of $1 million from those budgets impacted the departments in a detrimental way.

McMinnville Police Chief Bryan Denton, Fire Chief Kendall Mayfield, Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord, Public Works director Frank Southard, and city administrator Nolan Ming reported that less than 50 percent has been spent of their operating budgets at this time. A fiscal year runs July 1 thru June 30. 

“This report is from December which is halfway through the year,” said Denton. “We’ve consumed about 46 percent of our budget. We feel pretty good about that. As far as large-ticket items that we have left in the general fund, the only thing that I think we have left to pay is for our records management system fee which is about $39,000.”

Denton projected his department will complete the fiscal year on June 30, 2020 with 6 to 8 percent remaining in the budget.

When questioned about departmental needs, Denton says he will be requesting new officers after having the two he requested this year cut from the budget as a cost-saving measure.

“We put in for some additional officers and we took those out,” Denton said. “Personnel is a huge part of our expenses. As far as material things, we are OK. We traditionally budget close anyway. If we come back with anything in the budget this year, we’ll probably ask for additional personnel.”

Mayfield reported that his department has also spent 46 percent.

“I think we will come in about the same as we did last year,” said Mayfield. “I’m trying to hold back on a lot of spending. I’m buying only what we need.”

Similar sentiments were given by McCord, Southard and Ming. 

Community Develop-ment Department has only spent approximately 40 percent of its budget. 

“The director’s salary is in there and that position has not been filled,” said Ming. “That’s why we are so low in that department.”

Alderman Everett Brock asked, “Do you think that 40 percent will hold for the second half of the year?”

“Yes,” said Ming. “I think we’ll end the year at 80 percent.” 

During budget cuts, officials removed all street paving monies for this year. Originally requested was $1 million. That amount was cut to $500,000 and then zero. 

“We were only going to take paving out one year,” said Alderman Mike Neal. 

Brock replied, “We’ll see.” 

“I think it should be someone else’s turn to ante-up this next time,” said Neal.

Brock replied, “I think they all did. They ante-upped pretty well.” 

“Public Works got hit the hardest,” said Neal.

Brock replied, “Absolutely.” 

McMinnville officials requested the information to begin preparing for upcoming budget discussions.