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Buckingham Apartments residents face water crisis
Buckingham water.jpg
Michael Thomas unloads cases of donated water Thursday afternoon for residents of Buckingham Apartments. Many of the apartment complex residents had their water turned off Tuesday.

Residents at Buckingham Apartments began getting their water back Thursday after going for two days without running water.

As issue between the apartment owners and city water department led to water getting shut off at the complex on Tuesday. Buckingham residents have their water bill included in their rent, but getting that money to the water department hasn’t been flowing smoothly.

‘We’re working with the tenants for a possible solution because the landlords aren’t willing to pay,” said McMinnville Water Department director Anthony Pelham. “We’re trying to find an amicable solution because the landlord is the problem.”

Living without water was irritating apartment residents. One disgruntled resident standing outside his apartment Thursday said he would be moving out, saying he needed to find a place to live with water.

“They need to tear this place down if they can’t provide water,” said the man, who declined to give his name.

Some residents regained water after going to the Water Department themselves and paying the money owed on their accounts. Other residents refused, saying they didn’t have the money to do that or didn’t want to because water is already included in their rent and they shouldn’t have to pay for it twice.

A group of concerned citizens chipped in and bought bottled water for the apartment complex residents. They purchased 60, one-gallon containers, along with 26 cases of bottled water.

“There are disabled people who live here and elderly people and children too,” said Doris Wiseman, who purchased the water along with Claude Massey, Joyce Armstrong and others. “You can’t have people living here without water.”