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Brock wants bigger free parking signs downtown
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The signs of prosperity are everywhere in downtown McMinnville. The area is besieged with digital, window, wall, pylon and street signage.

Vice Mayor Everett Brock says signs directing motorists to parking areas are getting lost in the mix and he suggests that bigger might be better and color could be used to catch the eye of motorists.

“Back a few years ago, we talked about and approved putting signs up saying ‘free parking’ in order to get people in the back lots,” Brock said. “I think we’ve put up a couple of those, but they are small signs. We’ve got a sign pollution problem downtown. I don’t think people see them. I’m wondering if we can get some bigger signs with, maybe, color in them.”

The statement was made during the last Regular Session of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

Small green “Parking” signs that point motorists to available lots are located along East Colville Street and at the intersection of Morford and Spring streets. Out-of-town visitors traveling Main Street would not see those signs.

Brock requested city Public Works Department director Frank Southard look into the situation.

“I’ve had several people say that people downtown cannot find a place on Main Street and they don’t know where to go, if they are from out of town,” said Brock. “I’d like to get Frank to look into some bigger signs. I don’t know if there’s a problem with the state, because you’re putting them on a state right of way, as far as color is concerned, but I’d like to have it checked on. We are only talking about three or four of those things.”

Additional parking is available on East Colville Street behind the line of businesses, from Park Theater to the Farmers Market. There is also a city-owned lot on Spring Street beside Kum-N-Go Market.